What are data scientists paid around the world

By arvind |Email | Sep 10, 2018 | 7107 Views

For something that hasn't been around for too long, data scientists have taken the right steps towards becoming something that is great. It was declared as the "sexist job of the 21st century", by Harvard Business Review. While the job has got a great description the career path for now is a bit uncertain. The salaries of data professional vary all around the globe. While the data scientists and machine learning engineers of US reported to get some of the highest salaries amongst different professionals. Kaggle conducted a survey of almost 16000 data professionals to find which countries data professionals are getting paid the most and who are getting paid the least. 

The survey respondents were asked questions like,"what is your total yearly compensation?", " how has your salary or compensations changed in the past 3 years". The survey was conducted in a total of 20 countries. The average salary or compensation of countries varied across countries. While US and Australia were the countries that paid their data professionals the most counties like Russia and India were paying the least salary or compensation among these 18 countries. On one hand data professionals are being paid an average of $120k dollars in the US, on the other hand countries like Russia are paying an average of $13k dollars to its data professionals. 

Here is a list of countries that paid the highest annual salary/ compensations to their data professionals

1. United States ($120K)
2. Australia ($111K)
3. Israel ($88K)
4. Canada ($81K)
5. Germany ($80K)
6. Netherlands ($75K)
7. Japan ($70K)
8. United Kingdom ($66K)
9. Italy ($60K)
10. France ($55K)
11. South Africa($50K)
12. Spain ($48K)
13. China ($41K)
14. Brazil ($35K)
15. Poland ($29K)
16. Ukraine ($25K)
17. India ($14K)
18. Russia ($13k)

Over the past 3 years average salaries and compensation has increased for the data scientists and machine learning engineers. There are a few data scientists out there and a lot more data science jobs out there, it is no surprise that specialists in this area respond to demand for their skills. While about 18% of these respondents said their compensation had not changed more than 5% over the previous three years about 45% of these respondents indicated their salary or compensation has increased by 20% or more. Another 19% of the respondents indicated their salary compensation decreased over the past three years. While 14 % of the current data science employees said they were not employed 3 years ago.

Here is a list of companies that had the greatest increase in salary or compensation over the past 3 years.

1. Poland (78%)
2. Israel (77 %)
3. Australia (74 %)
4. Brazil (74 %)
5. United States (72%)
6. South Africa (70%)
7. India (68%)
8. Germany (66%)
9. Russia (66%)
10. Ukraine (65%)

Source: HOB