Deployment of Smart AI-Applications In Business

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Sep 21, 2018 | 9942 Views

Artificial Intelligence allows many applications and services which we use on daily basis. As technological revolutions has become a norm in this era of innovation and Artificial Intelligence plays very crucial role in recent advancements. By using smart applications of artificial intelligence we can save real-time existing process and permitting data-driven decision making on a faster timeline. No one can deny its importance as big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are investing in AI technology.  Following are the five AI-enabled application and services:

1. Clara
This AI automates meeting schedules, confirmations, and follow-up for businesses. It'll even reserve a conference room. The app integrates with unlimited calendars, allowing it to check availability, suggest appropriate meeting times, and interact with participants if schedules change. If your business requires a large number of meetings, the time savings here can add up quickly.

2. AnswerRocket
AnswerRocket performs "search-based data discovery," which sounds pretty mundane until you actually dig into the product. Ask it a question in plain English and it answers you in detailed reports and charts. AI makes turning natural language directly into surprisingly-detailed business intelligence possible otherwise you'd need to ask a data analyst to generate this information on your behalf.

3. Fyle
With this service, you can automate your business's expense reporting. Fyle even includes a mobile app so employees can scan, upload, and track company receipts. From extracting the relevant information from those receipts to automating expense approvals, Fyle's fundamental concept is intelligent expense management, with AI influencing nearly every aspect of the software. It's a simple way to increase productivity across your whole team.

4. Acquisio
Acquisio leverages machine learning for digital advertising, using predictive algorithms to manage and optimize bids. It trots out phrases like self-improving and unimaginable to assure prospective partners its solution will achieve results a team of humans could not possibly match. This quality is no surprise in the complex, big-data world of digital ads, the future is here, and it's really good at selling us stuff Acquisio just makes the selling easier and better.

5. Apptus
This app provides AI-powered e-commerce optimization that integrates with many major platforms. It enhances these sites through predictive merchandising, recommendations, and streamlined search and site navigation. Much of the value proposition here is in operational efficiency, as merchandising is often a particularly time-consuming task that can tax lean teams. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being implemented in SaaS offerings, and in many cases those apps are plugged into machine learning interfaces from major providers including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. 
Hence, artificial intelligence technology is further coming up with more applications and services which are used on a daily basis. Depending on the size of the business whether small or big all are using computer intelligence to make their task easier as compared to past.

Source: HOB