Collection of 10 Big Data Analysis Tools As Data Visualization and Sentiment Analysis Tools, Part-2

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Oct 4, 2018 | 34164 Views

In Part-1 we have covered 10 Big Data Analysis Tools as open source data tools.There are numerous of Big Data tools for data analysis today. Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making.
Big Data Tools for Analysis is divided into five parts:
  • Open Source Data Tools
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Sentiment Analysis Tools
  • Data Extraction Tools
  • Databases
Following are 10 Data Visualizations and Sentiment Analysis Tools:
Data Visualization Tools
Data wrapper is an online data-visualization tool for making interactive charts. Once you upload the data from CSV/PDF/Excel file or paste it directly into the field, Data wrapper will generate a bar, line, map or any other related visualization. Data wrapper graphs can be embedded into any website or CMS with ready-to-use embed codes. So many reporters and news organizations use Data wrapper to embed live charts into their articles. It is very easy to use and produces effective graphics
Solver specializes in providing world-class financial reporting, budgeting and analysis with push-button access to all data sources that drive company-wide profitability. Solver provides BI360, which is available for cloud and on-premise deployment, focusing on four key analytics areas.
Qlik lets you create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer your company's most important questions. Now you can see the whole story that lives within your data.
Tableau Public
Tableau democratizes visualization in an elegantly simple and intuitive tool. It is exceptionally powerful in business because it communicates insights through data visualization. In the analytics process, Tableau's visuals allow you to quickly investigate a hypothesis, sanity check your gut, and just go explore the data before embarking on a treacherous statistical journey.
Google Fusion Tables
Fusion TablesMeet Google Spreadsheets cooler, larger, and much nerdier cousin. Google Fusion tables is an incredible tool for data analysis, large data-set visualization, and mapping. Not surprisingly, Google's incredible mapping software plays a big role in pushing this tool onto the list. Take for instance this map, which I made to look at oil production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.
Infogram offers over 35 interactive charts and more than 500 maps to help you visualize your data beautifully. Create a variety of charts including column, bar, pie, or word cloud. You can even add a map to your infographic or report to really impress your audience.
Sentiment Tools
Open text
The Open Text Sentiment Analysis module is a specialized classification engine used to identify and evaluate subjective patterns and expressions of sentiment within textual content. The analysis is performed at the topic, sentence, and document level and is configured to recognize whether portions of text are factual or subjective and, in the latter case, if the opinion expressed within these pieces of content are positive, negative, mixed, or neutral.
Semantria is a tool that offers a unique service approach by gathering texts, tweets, and other comments from clients and analyzing them meticulously to derive actionable and highly valuable insights. Semantria offers text analysis via API and Excel plugin. It differs from Lexalytics in that it is offered via API and Excel plugin, and in that it incorporates a bigger knowledge base and uses deep learning.
Trackur's automated sentiment analysis looks at the specific keyword you are monitoring and then determines if the sentiment towards that keyword is positive, negative or neutral with the document. That's weighted the most in Trackur algorithm. It could use to monitor all social media and mainstream news, to gain executive insights through trends, keyword discovery, automated sentiment analysis and influence scoring.
SAS Sentiment Analysis
SAS sentiment analysis automatically extracts sentiments in real time or over a period of time with a unique combination of statistical modeling and rule-based natural language processing techniques. Built-in reports show patterns and detailed reactions. So you can hone in on the sentiments that are expressed. With ongoing evaluations, you can refine models and adjust classifications to reflect emerging topics and new terms relevant to your customers, organization or industry.
Opinion Crawl
Opinion Crawl is an online sentiment analysis for current events, companies, products, and people. Opinion Crawl allows visitors to assess Web sentiment on a topic a person, an event, a company or a product. You can enter a topic and get an ad-hoc sentiment assessment of it. For each topic you get a pie chart showing current real-time sentiment, a list of the latest news headlines, a few thumbnail images, and a tag cloud of key semantic concepts that the public associates with the subject. The concepts allow you to see what issues or events drive the sentiment in a positive or negative way. For more in-depth assessment, the web crawlers would find the latest published content on many popular subjects and current public issues, and calculate sentiment for them on ongoing basis. Then the blog posts would show the trend of sentiment over time, as well as the Positive-to-Negative ratio.
For more insights stay tuned with us, In Part-3 will share Data Extraction and Databases Tools.

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