How data visualization is significant in marketing?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 7, 2018 | 7455 Views

Marketing has evolved with new technologies which are a mixture of new science and art. Art helps you to extract the content which is creative and science is where you get to know the facts and figures, what worked and what need to be upgraded. Modern marketing does not follow the old approach, now there are multiple data points to back up data which includes many performances of the applications, data of the customer, figures of the sales, and website analytics. Data visualization showcases data which is of visual format. 
When data is visually represented, it is called data visualization. It discloses trends, patterns, and correlations in your data. Business decisions are also made by many stakeholders and decision makers by understanding the meaningful data through data visualization. There are multiple applications of data visualization, which tells us how it is significant in marketing:
It uncovers patterns and texts:
We as marketers are always trying to find opportunities through patterns and trends in data. The numbers can be provided to you through data which is raw, but after plotting the data, patterns and correlations and trends which are developing are easily spotted in the already built data. 
Purifies complex data:
Creatures which are visuals are humans. As per the search, our brain works faster than the text. There are many stakeholders who wanted some important information but they want them without any difficulty. Complex data is way more difficult to go through, and it has no solid material which can be extracted. When you convert numerical terms into visuals, helps you in simplifying those complex excel sheets with rows and columns into adaptable information. 
Helps you drive your point:
During the year end there is always a need to scale your efforts where you need to secure a leading marketing budget. In this type of situation, you can ask you management by building a fascinating narrative through data storytelling. You can convey your message through data visualizations. Visuals help to retain your information easily. Data visualization illustrates data in a more accurate manner which influences decision makers.
Drives Data-driven Marketing Strategy:
Marketing is mainly served through data. There is always confusion in mind that which marketing strategy we should choose, as we have got multiple types of media like owned, earned, paid and social media. Your decisions can be easy by segregating data from analytical tools like (Google, Adwords, etc.) and anticipate how numbers are adding up against your goal. 
Data Visualization as content:
Earlier we do not face information overload problem but these days we do face it. Data visualization techniques help the marketers stand out of the crowd. Visual contents advantage you through telling stories through data visualization which help you deliberate vision in a useful and accurate format.
To improvise your data from complex way to simple way, data visualization format is the outstanding one. Through these multiple applications, data visualization enhances your marketing strategies.

Source: HOB