Google will soon find you a job as the tech giant refines its mastery over AI

May 29, 2017 | 1620 Views

Looks like Google I/O, their annual developer conference is now likely to stay at their backyard at Shoreline Amphitheatre as opposed to Moscone center in San Francisco where eight of their previous conferences were held.

Shoreline Amphitheatre is an open-air venue in the pacific coast of California with abundant sun shine, and Google's CEO Sundar Pichai opened the keynote by urging the 7000 plus members present to apply the sunscreen liberally and declared "it's on us".

The #io17 keynote was two-part series and long enough that we had a lunch break in between; there was a whole bunch of announcements made to please two types of people who matter to Google the most - Developers and Consumers.

Gone are the tactics of skydiving glass wearers and giving away of a bounty of laptops and smartphones to attendees. After 18 years since inception, Google has now sobered up and it is a bit boring when I realized they are losing their child like enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, they have aged well, and this year's IO clearly focused on driving home one message 'Mobile first world to AI first world'. Here is how they did it.

Bragging and show of strength: While Android has crossed two billion users, six other Google products enjoy a billion plus users every month, they are Search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, and Play Store. Pichai and his clique proudly demonstrated how machine learning and AI are being integrated into their products for transitioning from a mobile first world to a AI first world.

Gmail gets Smart Replies, something that is borrowed from their messaging app Allo. Upcoming Android O gets Smart Text selection which automatically differentiates between a phone number and a postal address when you select a text, Android phones are now fortified with Google Play Protect, which uses machine learning to scan one billion devices and 50 billion apps each day to protect its users from malware and it even helps in finding lost phones. Read More

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