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This programming language R is developed in 1993 and was R was conceived by professors Auckland University Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. R language has methods of statistics and graphics. And these methods also comprises of the machine learning algorithm, time series, linear regression, interferences of statistical and many more.

R programming tool is used for the analysis of statistics and publication of quality data visualization is created. There are several industries where R is known to be the popular language. There is a great benefit for the ones who are certified in this R programming language as this language can easily be used on any of the operating systems. You do not even have to purchase the license and you can easily install it for free.

Some courses which are recommended for R Programming!
1. Data science with R programming by Simplilearn:

2. R Programming by Johns Hopkins University:
Why R programmers have a great demand for employers?
For employers, R programmers have a great demand. As technology is getting developed with the eruption of data, the technologies used for the future generation paved their way for making the smarter devices containing information in this world which is digital. Why do programmers prefer using this language? You have larger opportunities for a job which provides to build your career in data analyst and takes your career to next level. It is noted in the survey that R is the highest paid skill. For data science also it is important just for running the code without making the use of the compiler, calculations with vectors and the statistical language.
 Why R is necessary for certain industries?
For industries also R is the essential language, and it is a free source which offers you great visualization. And it is said by researchers that this tool is far more capable than any other tool. It is also used for the industries which are data driven. R has become the primary tool in the last few decades. For analyzing the data of top companies, this tool is given more importance. This language booms with other languages which are Python, Hadoop. There are several other opportunities to make your career in data science as this language will lead you in multiple career ways as an R programmer, Data scientist, data analyst, and database administrator.

For becoming an R programmer what all skills do you need?
The one who has a keen interest in machine learning, statistical analysis and more mining the data are more suitable for this language. The skills you need to have are the knowledge about programming languages such as R, Python, SAS, etc. you should have an understanding of the statistical output of the business and machine learning. Having knowledge about the data visualization tools, which makes sure that you have the ability to present the insights into the audiences which can be technical as well as nontechnical.  R programmer should have the best communication skills.

You can easily grab more knowledge through online courses in these videos.

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