Top Five Resume Writing Tips

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 16, 2019 | 5982 Views

People start making judgments randomly when you meet you for the first time itself. They do the same thing with your resume. So it is important to notice that the first impression should be long-lasting. Apart from the obvious things that could get it tossed aside like spelling or grammatical errors you need to be aware of more subtle resume turnoffs. Here are five common mistakes.
 1. There is not enough white space when you go to work you never go in a mode which is like night suit or not dressed very well, similarly, your resume should be dressed well, it should look have a professional touch and should be artistic. Resume which is messed up with huge text doesn't look more impressive.  Always make a resume which attracts the other person in one instance only. If you don't have skills of a graphic designer, ask the one who could really build an impressive resume which will contain format, style, and layout.
2. You did not include results-oriented language Managers who are hiring just see what you can contribute to their company. The results which you have mentioned should be accurate to what you have achieved. Let's say you created an amazing marketing campaign that resulted in a 10% increase in sales. Instead of writing, Created an excellent marketing campaign for X product, include the words resulted in.
3. Your resume is too long  Your resume should speak within few words, not long ones are necessary. One or two-page resume is the standard size for a resume.  Articulate the experiences of your job very confidently and boldly and never quote the minute details of your past career. The ones who have already spent years in this field of working, it is important not to be hung up on what you did. Few sentences should explain the interviewer about you.
 4. You have not shown numbers Hiring managers to love numbers They love when you are invested enough in your job to quantify your growth. Particularly if you are in any aspect of sales, marketing, or finance, you should reiterate how you increased sales or profits for the company. Another tack show how you saved money for the company by reducing costs, thus increasing bottom line revenue by X%. Look for ways to quantify your experience. It shows you are committed to the bottom line and to continuous growth as an employee.
5. You do not sound confident enough I will never forget the resume on which a job applicant basically said in the first few sentences, I don't have much nursing experience, but am willing to learn more. I knew immediately why this person was not getting any hits on her resume. She had undergone extensive clinical experiences, passed her licensing exam, and was looking for an entry level job, but no one wants to hire a nurse who claims she has no idea what she is doing. Do not make this mistake. Have someone you respect to read your resume and tell you candidly whether you sound confident that you can go beyond your job responsibilities. If not, rewrite.

Source: HOB