Every Programmer should strive for reading these 5 books

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While you are a programmer, it is not necessary that all you know is about coding. You should also have the knowledge of the books or have the habit of reading. And it is known that books are a great source of knowledge.  Here you will get information about many things other than programming that might help you for becoming a better programmer. So here is the list of popular 10 books which every programmer should strive for reading these books.

The Pragmatic Programmer

Through this book, every programmer will change their view and personality towards programming.  It will give you away for becoming a programmer having efficient knowledge. The Pragmatic Programmers do not mainly focus on any specific programming language. But through the knowledge, he can use his skills in every programming language. For the programmers, this book covers the parts which every programmer should take seriously. It includes the exploratory programming, models are separated from views, best design tools are chosen, and management of the team, duplication is minimized among many other topics. Both your coding habits and your personality will be transformed while you end up with this book.

2. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

 Coding aim at coming up with the solution which will run, if you are not happy with your code then consider this book Clean Code.  This book will help you grab the tricks and patterns of writing the codes which are attractive and useful. You will also get to know the leading way of software development which is approaching. You will go through some examples of writing he clean codes. The content might appeal to the Java programmers but most of the concepts are also applicable for programming languages like C++, Python, C+, etc.

3. The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

After Clean code, you should refer this book the clean coder as this book shows you the professional way for many programmers. Major topics are in this book which many professional programmers ignore it. They include:

What is a professional programmer means?

 How to carry yourself as a professional programmer.

 Time management tips for programmers.

 How to resolve conflicts as programmers.

 Tips for expanding your skills

The story-telling style of this book will make you yearn to read it. It will feel like the author is talking to you.

4. The Mythical Man-month: Essays on Software Engineering

Because of the writing style and the issues which are in the book, there are many in the software world who compares it with Bible. This book mainly covers the topics which are important like the project management, development of the software, avoiding the mistakes, among others. For the once who are willing to aspire for the project manager in the industry of software, this book must be read by them. The content is given in the form of essays.

5. Working Effectively With Legacy Code

 Most programmers hate many things. And the leading one is the legacy code. This code is executable which do not run the latest versions of the operating system. But, there are many programmers who do not have the option and they do work with this code only. For them, this book will give the easiest ways which will help them to work with the legacy code. Identifying the parts of the legacy code will be taught and using the new code which you have refactored.

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