Data Scientist

Short Description

Cyclance is hiring for Data Scientist who will discover ways to strengthen machine learning models against adversarial attacks and also write code that scales to very large datasets, often with millions of dimensions.

Job Description

  • Invent novel machine learning techniques to solve important problems in computer security.
  • Improve upon existing machine learning techniques used within Cylance.
  • Discover ways to strengthen machine learning models against adversarial attacks.
  • Write code that scales to very large datasets, often with millions of dimensions.
  • Collaborate closely with internal product and engineering teams to help turn ML research prototypes into new products or features.
  • Publish papers and present research at conferences, including ML/AI/Stats conferences, as well as security conferences like Black Hat, DEFCON, and RSA.
  • Stay abreast of the latest publications and state-of-the-art techniques in relevant research communities (e.g., ML and stats).
  • Consult with other teams within Cylance on applications of data science.
  • Collaborate with other data scientists on the team to help accomplish all of the above.
  • Extensive theoretical knowledge of machine learning fundamentals. You don't just blindly call fit() in sklearn; you have a deep understanding of how many common ML algorithms work and are able to explain why they work the way they do.
  • Extensive deep learning expertise. You're comfortable with the theory (or at least, the theory that's been worked out so far), and you've spent a lot of time training and evaluating neural networks, including feed forward networks and RNNs. You're also aware of the current state-of-the-art and best practices in building these models. Experience with deep reinforcement learning and GANs is a plus.
  • Strong math skills in general, especially linear algebra and statistics.
  • Intermediate experience with python, at least to the point that you're able to implement common machine learning algorithms without much trouble.
  • Excellent communication skills. You can clearly convey your ideas to others in speech and in writing.
  • Kindness, and a deep willingness to help and collaborate with others.

Technologies we use:
  • Python, and libraries like sklearn, numpy, scipy, pytorch, and tensorflow.
  • Various other languages, including Scala, C/C++, C#, Java, and x86 assembly.
  • Git
  • Spark
  • Various AWS services, like EC2 and S3.

Educational And Work Experience:
  • Five years minimum related experience with machine learning, computer science, and/or statistics.
  • A Master's degree or PhD in a relevant area can be substituted for equivalent years of experience.

Data Scientist
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