Data Scientist

Short Description

Gartner is looking for Data Scientist who will work on cross-product initiatives that are of high importance and bring significant impact on retention.

Job Description

  • Drive retention and growth by empowering service delivery groups and sales in some of our initiatives as required:
  • Work on cross-product initiatives that are of high importance and bring significant impact on retention
  • Automate creation of most relevant content for clients using NLP, these would connect Gartner product offerings to client needs by working with Client Partners, thereby displaying value we could provide
  • Conceive, build and continuously enhance systems and tool as a senior business analyst in a data science team that would enable our Service associates to engage the clients in an operationally effective way
  • Work on several initiatives that have unstructured data derive key insights that are top priorities for different companies and automate the process by integrating with a UI
  • Derive recommendations for clients on important IT priorities based on their usage and other players in the industry
  • Streamline processes with stakeholders across initiatives so there is a productivity gain in our initiatives
  • Innovate on initiatives that would save time for our Service associates allowing them to call and engage more clients
  • Find opportunities to automate content or process using machine learning algorithms and working with IT so it could lead to productivity increase and time savings
  • Here is a sample of some data science initiatives you would work on:
  • Automate several content delivery modules to engage clients using machine learning algorithms
  • Derive key insights utilizing unsupervised machine learning based on hundreds of pages of unstructured data from several sources
  • Build statistical models to predict retention probabilities dynamically for a given client and help Service Delivery leverage that data
  • Prioritize what clients our Service Delivery associates should talk to and what Gartner asset they should recommend converting an unengaged client to an engaged one.
  • Analyze surveys and correlation between survey responses and client engagement in a meaningful way so as to result in actionable insights.
  • Use regression models to determine factors that impact retention leading to client engagement.
  • Meaningful extraction of key client priorities using text analytics.
  • Derive what content to recommend to clients when our Service Associate is looking to engage a client.
  • Extract features and signals from diverse data collections.

Required Education:
  • Bachelor's or Masters degree from tier one schools
  • Ph.D./Masters a plus
  • Degree major in Physics, Math, Technology, Computer Science and related branches preferred (focus on Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval a plus)

Skills Needed
  • 2-3 years experience working on solving problems that involve utilizing Machine Learning techniques and NLP
  • Projects in data science methodologies or software development are required
  • Knowledge or R or Python needed to be able to code the models
  • Knowledge of statistical models to build into models a big plus
  • Ability to work on projects that involve the use of the following:
  • Machine Learning and statistical techniques.
  • Data mining and recommendation systems.
  • Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.
  • Work with large volumes of data.
  • Dynamic user behavior modeling.

Data Scientist
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