The Developers Must Aware With The Basics Of Computer

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Feb 8, 2019 | 14991 Views

It is important to know the real functioning of a computer. We are using computers on daily basis, but we never noticed how does the computer actually works. Is it true? Yes. But it is necessary to know the working and here is the video where Briana Marie will discuss the basics of computer hardware, software, and networks. These are important concepts for developers to understand.
Here are the topics that Briana covers:
  • The 4 basic parts of a computer
  • Computer hardware
  • Types of computers
  • Motherboard
  • Software
  • Binary code
  • Decoding a binary number
  • How to measure data size
  • Measuring data speed
  • Binary bytes
  • Data networks
  • IP addresses
  • How the internet works
  • Content delivery networks (CDN)
  • Analog vs Digital & File Compression
  • Routers and Packets

Source: HOB