Earn More With these 3 Highly Paid Programming Languages

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 26, 2019 | 8865 Views

So today this video will give you a glimpse of the top three programming languages. Top to be the easiest programming languages to learn and the reason why? 
So you have many things to learn in programming languages, you even have a variety of languages to learn as per your specific needs. The once who are trying to get into programming and don't have any clue what you know, you really want to do with programming because programming is very vast field and you know you can do a lot of things with programming such as, frontend development, backend development, full stack development, security testing engineering, iOS development, Android development and just there's just so much you can do. 

But this video is not necessarily focused on any of those targeted areas but instead, it's for those people who just want to get into the field of programming, but don't know what they exactly want to do and whats the first thing that a beginner serves us online when they want to get into programming. What is the best programming language learn and a lot of the answers online will be like say JavaScript or Python or PHP or like C or Java.  
We all know that programming is used to solve problems but saying that doesn't help a beginner. Right? There's nothing practical about it and then there are people that'll say you have to have a passion for it. First, if you don't have a passion for it, don't do it, have passion first and then pursue that that is so far off from the reality and guess why so many people are getting into the field of programming? 

We should not put programming on a pedestal and start worshipping, it is because what that does is it creates this toxic community around it.  It really sucks for people who trying to get into this field enough of my rant, so the top three programming languages of 2019 easiest programming languages to start you guys says Python, JavaScript, Ruby. All high-level languages and by high-level, I just mean that its further away from the machine code because the computer is a machine and machine only understands 0 & 1. And if we have to write code in 0 & 1 would go insane and we're not going to do that and that's why we have these layers.
We're not going to go too deep into it. Basically, these are considered high-level languages and then we have languages like you know assembly C, C++ and they're considered lower level languages. 
Relatively speaking to these other languages or high-level languages like Python, JavaScript and Ruby and the reason why I recommend these languages is because they are very easy to learn within two months of learning.
Through these languages, you can start building things, rather than just learning the theory and just getting stuck in syntax and all that stuff that you would have to do. If you picked a language like C to start off with so a simple program, which you could write in 10 lines with Python or JavaScript would take like 50 or 60 lines of code with C or C++.  C and C++ are not the useless way, everything is based on those languages but for a beginner, they are not ideal languages, there are really bad languages to learn.

Then there are a lot of people online making this weird argument, it doesn't make any sense but they'll say things like know start with C or start with C++ because its the hardest language and you can master the hardest language. Then you can master the easier language will be easy right. For example Its like saying you want to get into the deadlifting start with 600 pounds then that lifting one plate will be easy.

So basically what is right is don't start with the C or C++ as your first programming language unless you know you want to and you must for some reason just because these languages are a lot easier to learn doesn't necessarily mean that they are useless. In fact, if you can click on a website there's JavaScript running and let's not get into AI. Python AI everybody knows it? Yes. And Python is used the most by the AI community and you can do backend development with it as well and the same thing with JavaScript.
You can do frontend, backend, full stack all that stuff easily. Ruby, you can do backend development but I'm not suggesting these programming languages to you because you can do web development. I couldn't care less about that I'm simply suggesting them because these are the easiest programming languages to learn and the most versatile and want the highly paid and easier to learn. What I'm trying to say is they're amazing so with that being set in 2019 if you are someone trying to get into this field of programming and you don't necessarily know what field you want to get into.

If you know you want to do iOS, go with Swift you want to do Android, go with Java. If you know frontend development, you should go with JavaScript, you like Python and hate everything else and you want to do web development go with Python, write Django and the same thing with Ruby if you like Ruby Gold Ruby but stick with it.

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