What is Cloud Computing? What are its Benefits? What are the Different Types?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 18, 2019 | 10590 Views

Thanks to my Google Drive that I don't need a hard disk to save my important documents and photos and can access it anytime I want and in whichever place I go. I don't need to remember to carry any of my important files in a hard drive when I go out. This is the power of Cloud computing for me. Imagine an organization now which is getting benefitted from Cloud computing, storing its data online in a database which is easily available and accessible to anyone authorized. I hope you have developed an image of what cloud computing must be. Let's develop a good understanding of it now. "I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster, carrying around these non-connected computers is Byzantine by comparison" by Steve Jobs. 

What is Cloud Computing?
The act of providing computing services over the internet is called cloud computing. Computing services here signifies the hardware and software services we need while doing an important task over the computer. Cloud can be understood as the Internet here which should not be mistaken with the natural cloud on the sky.

What are its Benefits?
  • Availability
One of the most important uses of cloud computing is its availability anytime and anywhere. Remote access is provided. A person in need of a particular data at a different location could have access to the required data at the right time with cloud computing (for the traditional methods, it was an impossible task).

  • Reduced Costs
Using a cloud computing technology will actually reduce the organizational costs of buying hardware and software for work. Buying software and hardware, and too in a great quantity is not a cheap deal anyway. The money which you will save after using cloud computing could be used for other services for the company.

  • Security
Cloud computing services are often provided with a  security system for protecting your private information and saving you from threats. It is considered as a safe place to save and access your data without compromising on privacy standards.

  • Speed
Cloud computing services are a faster way to deal with your data, thus taking less time for getting more work done in the business processes which are very important for growing a business.

Types of Cloud Computing
  • Public Cloud
Public clouds are available over the internet for the public. They provide computing services like servers and storage. IBM's Blue Cloud, Microsoft Azure is the examples of Public cloud.

  • Private Cloud
A private cloud is the one in which the computing services are used particularly by a single organization. 

  • Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud combines a public cloud with the private cloud as its name suggests and allows sharing between these two clouds.

Source: HOB