Computer Scientist, Programmer, Hacker, and a Developer! Are They Different? Yes!

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 26, 2019 | 11136 Views

We always hear from some or the other person about a developer, hacker, or a computer scientist. But we never know what is the exact difference between them. Do we know? The majority is NO! So here we will see exactly what is the difference, it's not a brief intro but only the basics. 

Computer Scientist Having knowledge of certain subjects like maths, a language of machine level, data structures, algorithms and many more. However, every industry needs a computer scientist either its any of the industry. Computer scientists solve problems using technology. They write and program software, create applications for mobile devices, and develop websites. 

Their primary objectives are to validate and to develop mathematical models capable of computer interaction between people and other computers. They do this by running computer programs and improving computer processes and performance. Beyond working within theoretical frameworks, computer scientists can also research and focus in areas such as data structure and algorithms, information and database theory, software engineering, numerical analysis, computational complexity theory, computer graphics, programming language theory, and computer vision.

Programmers  Having knowledge of various programming language like java, python, javascript, etc and the data structures and algorithms is a programmer. A programmer can easily resolve problems by manipulating computer code. 
A programmer is an individual that writes/creates computer software or applications by giving the computer specific programming instructions. Most programmers have a broad computing and coding background across multiple programming languages and platforms, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Perl, Extensible Markup Language (XML), PHP, HTML, C, C++, and Java.

Developer  A programmer who is trained is a developer. Things are not just created and neither only the problems are solved, but also work with multiple design sets and principles of implementation. These include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and (ideally) security. For example a web developer, android developer, software developer etc.

Hackers A person who has a computer networking idea and knowledge and programming, cryptography and databases. If you want to become a hacker there is no such fixed principal but everyone can read and become one. Hacker is a term that refers to many different computing topics. However, in the mainstream, a hacker is any individual or group that circumvents security to access unauthorized data.
Most hackers are highly skilled computer programmers that locate security gaps and access secure systems via unique analytical skills. A great hacker is known to be able to think outside the box.

Source: HOB