Master in Cloud Computing with some well-known Books

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Introduction to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure Kindle Edition by Toddy Mladenov
This book gives you the necessary foundation to become proficient in cloud computing technologies. It explains the core technologies used to build cloud platforms and contains many labs exercises to solidify your knowledge. The labs and exercises use Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform and explain step by step how to build and test the resources.
The book starts with the computer basics including hardware, operating systems, command line tools, and remote access. Then it covers the basic cloud terminology and goes into details about the core cloud services like computer storage and networking. IaaS, as well as PaaS services from those three categories, are explained. Then, the book explains the basics of cloud APIs and how to create RESTful APIs. It briefly goes into the ways you can manage agile projects and explains the DevOps processes in the enterprises. After that it covers the operational side of cloud computing including logging, monitoring and alerting. In the end, it describes other cloud services like machine learning, cognitive services, IoT and bots and finishes with details about the cost of using cloud services.

Cloud Computing: A Guide for IT Leaders Kindle Edition by Dr. Zeeshan H. Khan 
In this book, I provide a guide for business and IT leaders to understand and therefore adopt cloud computing processes successfully, drawing from the evidence-based literature as well as the findings from my doctoral research. My research has found the hybrid cloud strategy to be the most beneficial cloud adoption strategy for IT leaders. This book holds great relevance for business and IT leaders, as understanding strategies for the adoption of cloud computing will help to gain the operational and technical efficiencies of innovative technologies, resulting in cost savings as well as acceleration of time to market for product and services development initiatives. Accelerated time to market will, in turn, lead to a competitive advantage for these organizations.

Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions: Build cloud strategies that align technology and economics while effectively managing risk Kindle Edition by Kevin L. Jackson 
Cloud adoption is a core component of digital transformation. Scaling the IT environment, making it resilient, and reducing costs are what organizations want. Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions presents and explains critical Cloud solution design considerations and technology decisions required to choose and deploy the right Cloud service and deployment models, based on your business and technology service requirements.

What you will learn
Manage changes in the digital transformation and cloud transition process
Design and build architectures that support specific business cases
Design, modify, and aggregate baseline cloud architectures
Familiarize yourself with cloud application security and cloud computing security threats
Design and architect small, medium, and large cloud computing solutions

Advances in Big Data and Cloud Computing (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Book 645) 1st ed. 2018 Edition, Kindle Edition by Elijah Blessing Rajsingh (Editor), Jey Veerasamy (Editor), Amir H. Alavi (Editor), J. Dinesh Peter (Editor)
This book is a compendium of the proceedings of the International Conference on BigData and Cloud Computing. It includes recent advances in the areas of big data analytics, cloud computing, the Internet of nano things, cloud security, data analytics in the cloud, smart cities and grids, etc. Primarily focusing on the application of knowledge that promotes ideas for solving the problems of society through cutting-edge technologies, it provides novel ideas that further world-class research and development. This concise compilation of articles approved by a panel of expert reviewers is an invaluable resource for researchers in the area of advanced engineering sciences.

Google Cloud Platform Administration: Design highly available, scalable, and secure cloud solutions on GCP Kindle Edition by Ranjit Singh Thakurratan 
On-premise data centers are costly to manage. If you need a data center but don't want to deal with a physical one, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the solution. With GCP, you can build, test, and deploy applications on Googles infrastructure.
Google Cloud Platform Administration begins with GCP fundamentals, with the help of which you will deploy your first app and gain an understanding of Google Cloud architecture and services. Furthermore, you will learn how to manage Computer, networking, and storage resources. As you make your way through the book, you will learn how to track and manage GCPs usage, monitoring, and billing access control. You will also be able to manage your GCPs access and permissions. In the concluding chapters, you will explore a list of different developer tools for managing and interacting with the GCP platform.

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