Dive Into the World of Deep Learning with These Most Trusted Books

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 11, 2019 | 8022 Views

Deep Learning, a subset of Machine Learning has its wide applications today. Machines are developed with Deep Learning algorithms enabling them to learn over time and behave intelligently. With so many applications today, Deep Learning is an area of interest and exploration for every aspirant. This article will take you to the best books that you can find of Deep Learning. The below 5 Books are published in a way so as to imbibe a deeper understanding in you of Deep Learning, its applications, and algorithms involved in it. 

Deep Learning: Methods & Applications
"This book provides an overview of the sweeping range of up to dare deep Learning methodologies and their application to a variety of signal and information processing tasks., including not only automatic speech recognition (ASR) but also computer vision, language modeling, text processing, multimodal learning, and information retrieval. This is the first and the most valuable book for "deep and wide Learning" of Deep Learning, not to be missed by anyone who wants to know the breathtaking impact of deep learning on many facets of information processing, especially ASR, all of vital importance to our modern technological society." Sadaoki Furui, President of Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, and Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
This is a free online book that will take you to an in-depth understanding of Deep Learning and Neural Networks. You will understand the learning process that takes place in Neural networks, improving the way neural networks learn and many concepts required by you in understanding Deep Learning.

Deep Learning with Python
After reading this book you will be an expert in Keras which is an open source neural network library written in Python. Practical code examples are provided in the book. Also, you will learn the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning which is confused by many beginners in the field.

Deep Learning: A Practitioner's Approach
You will learn to build efficient Deep Learning networks after reading this book. The various concepts that are required by you for an in-depth understanding are provided in the book. You will also learn about the methods for training deep[ network architectures and will learn to use DL4J on Spark and Hadoop which are the most widely used software today.

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