Aspiring Data Scientists Must Master These 3 Skills!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 28, 2019 | 6699 Views

Developing the right skill-set for any job is required and is expected from any beginner in the field. As an aspiring Data Scientist you must always open your mind for developing new skills to achieve success in the field. Data Science is a growing field and so skilled Data Scientists are the need of the hour. Big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon look for the most skilled people in the field and so there are chances that if you develop those right sought after skills you can also get to work with the leading companies of today. This article discusses those top 3 skills which are required by every Data scientist and it won't be wrong to say that these 3 skills are like the 3 keys in unlocking your success-door in the field. It thus becomes very important that you take these 3 skills very sincerely and start developing them right from today because the most important works should never be left for tomorrow. It is also a wise saying after all that work should never be left for tomorrow and must be completed the day the work arrived.
  • Statistics
Statistics is the part that you as a Data Scientist must be excelled into. You will use a lot of statistical concepts while working as Data Scientist. Whether it it is Data Visualization of showing your insights to the stakeholders or using Statistics to find relevant insights out of your data, Statistical handling of your Data is the skill that every aspiring Data Scientist must develop within himself. Clarity in fundamentals with a skill-set in using various statistical models is expected from you and so you must gain mastery over this part. There are a lot of statistical tools available online that you can use to visualize your data and also lot of resources available to enrich statistical skills.

  • Coding
Coding is the skill that you must learn while aspiring for a career in Data Science. Coding in any of the programming Language like Python, R, Java will do great for you while working as a Data Scientist. As a beginner in the field you must realize what the top programming languages are for coding and should accordingly chose the best programming language to learn. 

  • Unstructured Data
Finding insights out of the unstructured Data is the central work of any Data Scientist and it is the skill which every aspiring Data Scientist must imbibe in himself. You must know how to deal with unstructured Data. Data will not be available to you in fixed designed formats. At a time you will spend a lot of time in cleansing and mining data. So you must prepare yourself for that scenario. Data sourcing, Data cleansing, Data Analyzing and finding useful insights out of complex data-sets will be your ultimate work in the organization.

Source: HOB