How a Business Analyst Differ from a Data Scientist

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 3, 2019 | 7206 Views

There are many confusing words and careers in the world of technology. Sometimes the beginner in the field is not able to differentiate the two technologies or the two careers. In my previous posts, I have discussed these confusing terms. The article- Are deep Learning and Reinforcement learning different?  Discusses well deep Learning and Reinforcement learning and how the two are different from each other. The other confusing terms that beginners confuse with Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing are described well in the article - What differs  Cognitive Computing from Artificial Intelligence. Similarly, a Business Analyst is often confused with a Data Scientist. So I have written this article to clear out the differences between the two with the help of clear bullet points.

Educational Qualifications
A Business Analyst is a graduate or a post graduate in Statistics, Business Management, Marketing, and Economics or from a relevant background in computer science.
A Data Scientist is mostly a postgraduate or a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics or from a relevant background.

The responsibility of a Data Scientist is somewhat higher than that of a Business Analyst. A Data Scientist holds greater responsibility in terms of making decisions at the organization.

 A Business Analyst and Data Scientist are both the key positions in the organization who do a lot of work with data. But while a Business Analyst analyses the key patterns in the data and tells the interpretation to the company to find answers to Business problems, a Data Scientist is the one who analyses the data, interpret the results and forecasts what could happen in the future. Apart from forecasting the future scenarios that the businesses could face a Data Scientist also comes up with effective solutions for that.

The role of a Data Scientist requires extensive skills in Machine Learning, Programming (in Python, R or Java), Statistics, Visualization, while these are not required by a 

Business Analyst. A Business Analyst should be an expert in handling BI (Business Intelligence) tools like Tableau and SQL.

Main Difference separating a Business Analyst from a Data Scientist
A Business Analyst works on the data to find meaningful answers to business questions. He is the one who provides assistance to the business problems by finding solutions to the bigger challenges of businesses. He analyses the historical data finds underlying patterns out of it. A Data Scientist works all these things but additionally, he works on the data to predict the future. He predicts the future uncertainties, forecasts situations that may occur in the future and renders relevant and meaningful solutions to the organization.

Source: HOB