These are Some Amazing Applications of Computer Vision in Real Life

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 4, 2019 | 6936 Views

The technology enabling the computers to "see" and "identify" the world around has marked the beginning of a new era. Computer Vision is a technology of the present and the future. Smart machines are incomplete without their ability to detect and identify the world around them and computer Vision is the one technology which is making it possible. Because of the usage of technology in a variety of fields and spheres, it has evolved as one of the hottest technologies of contemporary time. This article will 
draw upon the highlights of some of the amazing applications of Computer vision but before you dive into those you must know some basics of computer vision.

Computer Vision is the ability of computers to see the world around them. Like humans contain the visual system to perceive the world around, computer vision helps a computer to do the same. A computer or a machine is able to detect the objects, images and differentiate between the infinite number of objects with the help of computer vision. With the help of convolution neural networks and various algorithms that are used in developing a system perceiving the world around itself scientists, researchers and innovators have been successful in developing the systems running on computer vision technology.

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Here are 4 Amazing applications of Computer Vision:

Google Translate:
The amazing application of "Google translate" translates in your preferred language using computer vision. You just need to point the camera of your phone towards the words you want to translate and the app translates the words in your preferred language. The app does this with the help of computer vision. The sensors in the phone is able to detect the words using computer vision and accordingly translates it to whichever language you want to translate in. The app also has the features of natural speech translation using Natural Language Processing

Self Driving Cars
Self Driving cars are ready to drive on the road without requiring any human driver to operate. This has been made possible using Computer Vision. Using Computer Vision the sensors in the car detect the images and the objects that it encounters in the road and accordingly take a move or a turn. Also, these cars are good at avoiding accidents.

Facial Recognition
Using Facial Recognition many countries today like China are keeping security checks in their public places and offices. This facial recognition is made possible with the help of computer vision. With the help of Computer Vision, smart machines have developed which can detect and differentiate the facial characteristics of humans. These machines have the power to identify a person's face and differentiate it with any other person's face. Facial Recognition systems are used in the offices for Bio-metric system now.

Medical Diagnosis
Computer Vision applied in healthcare leads to better medical diagnosis. Medical diagnosis in severe diseases treatment is hard from the conventional methods of diagnosis.  Using computer vision instruments and machines have developed that can detect the microscopic defects occurring in a patient body and helps the doctor to identify the illness.

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