Best 10 Universities in the U.S for Pursuing Master of Science in Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 10, 2019 | 7098 Views

Choosing the best University after graduation is the most difficult task for any graduate. One has to consider a lot of factors before actually taking admission in any University. The process of finding the best university is time-consuming and a lot of research has to be taken by the candidate prior to admission. If you are one of those candidates who is a graduate and finding the right university for Data Science in the US than you need not worry because I have done your tiresome task of researching and have come here with the best 10 universities which you can consider for MS in Data Science in the US.

Please note that the 15 universities which I have mentioned here are not organized rank-wise and have presented before you in a random way. So, do not pay attention to the order in which I have mentioned the University name. Serial numbers are given to the universities in a random fashion. Also, Do click on the University name to go directly into the website. Do not confine yourself only to the list of information available in the article. Explore further information about the course structure and other necessary details on the university website. After all, it is a big decision of your career and you can't afford to be loose on that part.

Advice: Choose wisely among the list of universities I have mentioned here. And if you find some other University outside of my list more relevant than I should tell you that individual preferences may vary and I completely respect you on that part.

Here is my list of 10 Universities that I found Best in the US for MS Data Science:

Name of the course: MS in Statistics: Data Science
Core Courses involved:  Core Courses in Numerical Linear Algebra, Stochastic Methods in Engineering, Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis, Theory of Statistics, Introduction to Statistical Modeling, Parallel Methods in Numerical Analysis, Advanced Multi-Core Systems, Mining Massive Data Sets, and Business Intelligence from Big Data, etc. will be an integral part.

Name of the course: MS in Analytics
Core Courses involved: Big Data Analytics in Business, Data and Visual Analytics, One operations research course, 5 Elective/core courses, Two statistics courses, etc.

Name of the course: MS in Data Science
Curriculum: Introduction to Data Science, Probability and Statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing with Representation Learning, Natural Language Understanding, and Computational Semantics, Optimization-based Data Analysis, etc.

Name of the course: Master of Science Programs in Computer Science and Engineering
Course Framework: Students enrolling for MS in Computer Science have the option of choosing among 3 depth areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering, and computer systems. While Computer Engineering majors have to take 3 courses from Computer Engineering depth area only. 

Name of the course: Master of Science in Analytics
Core Courses involved:  The course aims to provide students advanced analytical training so that drawing insights from big data become easier for them and they develop the skills to build automated artificial intelligence systems.

Name of the course: Master of Science in Computer Science (Data Science concentration)
Curriculum: one course from each of the 4 areas of Theory for Data Science, Systems for Data Science, and Data Analysis, and one additional core course from any area can be chosen by the student. From Data Science Probability and Statistics requirement One course can be chosen.

Name of the course: MS in Data Science
Curriculum: statistical modeling, Data Science Visualization, machine learning, software design for Data Science, data management for Data Science.

Name of the course: MS in Data Science
Curriculum: machine learning, regression, SQL and NoSQL database management, cluster analysis, natural language processing, business communications, web scraping

Name of the course: Master of Science in Data Analytics (Big Data)
Core Courses involved: Parallel and Distributed Database Systems, Project in Data Analytics, Social Media and Network Analysis, Parallel and Cloud Computation, Data Preparation, Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Data.

Name of the course: MS in Data Science
Curriculum: 11-month integrated curriculum, the course focuses on gaining real-world learning of Data Science and in developing interdisciplinary knowledge.

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