Difficulty in Learning Programming Languages? Follow these guided steps

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 11, 2019 | 131616 Views

Learning a new Programming Language is always very hard but it is not as difficult as learners make it. While it always involves some kind of frustration to learn a  new Programming Language in the starting but as time passes by and you gain mastery over a language things become very easy and interesting for you. Many of the learners quits their first programming language after their some unsuccessful attempts and make a diversion in their career. This is for the reason I decided to write an article for anyone who is on the difficult terrain of learning a programming language and want some guide to help him out in tackling the challenges faced in Programming. Well, I have come her for you with some of the most useful and guided steps that you should and must follow while learning any Programming Languages. Whether you are learning C,Java, Python, Scala or any Programming Language, keep these guided steps with you and elevate to the greater heights of programming.

Take Help of Online Platforms
Codereview, Github, Codeavengers, Codeschool, LearnStreet, Udacity are some of the many platforms available online. Take help of these resources. These online platform provide you the necessary stuff on programming at a beginner and advanced level which will help you in building the basic concepts in programming.

Merely joining an online course will not make you an expert unless you do practice. Programming requires a lot of practice. You have to devote a major time of your hours on practicing and writing codes. "Practice makes a man perfect" and its completely true for a programmer.

Start developing passion
Programming requires passion. It's true that a programmer loves programming and enjoy it. Else how would new software have developed with the ordinary minds? People who are successful programmers love programming and they have a passion for it. 
You are on the starting phase of learning a Programming Language and it will be best if you start developing your passion for Programming today. This passion won't only make you a good programmer but also make all your difficulties appear zero. " People who have a passion for work finds no difficulty in the path, they accept it gracely." 

Never Stop after Failures!
Never ever stop after your failures. No matter you are committing your 1000th mistake, never stop! Failing while programming is normal and you should remember that. Learn from your every failure that you commit and try not to repeat it twice. Committing mistakes is learning while committing same mistakes over and over again is silly. Remember that. No programmer in the world did programming correctly on his first attempt. Successful programmers learn from their every mistake.

Understand concepts and do not cram!
Most of the learners start cramming the concepts without giving much thought over the structure of the codes and this is the biggest mistake they do which ultimately land them to nowhere. This is from where the difference starts from being a low level programmer to a high level programmer. A high level programmer understand the concepts in depth and do not just cram. It is true that there are some fundamentals which you need to memorize but not the complete codes. Remember it.

Think to Build something new
What ultimately will you do after learning programming? Are you just learning programming  for the sake of learning or having a vision to build something new? I hope you do have a vision of building something new. Programming is practical and you can build a lot new applications and software from it. Carve out new ideas to build something new from your learning.

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