Every Programmer must have these Key Skills in his Skill-set

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 25, 2019 | 31887 Views

If you are someone who is aspiring to develop a career in Programming and need some guidance on building the relevant skills, then this article will help you a lot. The article mentions the topmost Skills that every Programmer should have and will help you in developing a successful career in programming. Also, I have attached a YouTube video by TechLead on regarding the same, which will further guide you on the 5 essential Skills of a Programmer. So, at the end of the article you will be having the knowledge of those 7-8 top skills which are required by every Programmer. So this article is going to be very fruitful for you on that part. Please learn from the article and start developing these skills from today. They are going to be a game-changer in your career.

Note: If you are a beginner and finding difficulty in learning new programming languages, than you can refer to my previous article on "Difficulty in Learning Programming Languages? Follow these guided steps."

Must-have Skills of any Programmer:

  • Knowledge of Using debugging tools:
Also mentioned in the YouTube video, Using Debugging tools is also an essential skill of any programmer. A Programmer should know how to debug any program which contains errors or malfunctions. He should be skilled enough to debug his programs on his own. Sometimes, the situations could arise when you need to debug your program and obviously waiting for some other person to find those errors and debugging is not the good idea. You should have the skill-set of using some debugging tools like Arm DTT, GDB - the GNU debugger, LLDB, Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger.

  • Problem Solving:
The work of a Programmer is more a problem solver using exceptional programming skills. There will be may problems given to YouTube the company on different projects, you need to have that problem solving acumen in yourself to solve the challenging problems easily. Obviously this requires a good programming skills by your side, because your solutions to any problems will be presented by your programs of what you create for your company.

  • Patience:
Your work requires a lot of patience. A lot of indeed! Patience will be required by you in terms of listening to the various business problems on various projects. Your business team may not be very technical to elaborate you everything, you need patience to listen to them and understand the major issues and challenges. Sometimes you need to present your solutions to them which is again a difficult task of making them understand of the various technical things you have done in your work. So, situations can arise from any end. You need to be patient enough to listen and make people understand.   

Also, the situations could arise when you need to do programming again and again to reach to a solution. In some cases it could be like your Program didn't work out or you need to modify your Program for some good reasons. In any of the situations, you need to be patient and calm through the whole situation and should manage the workflow effectively. Patient is the one thing you should inculcate today for a successful Programmer.

  • Active and open Mind:
A successful programmer has an open mind, no doubt! A passive mind cannot write good programs. 
Programming is not a job where you have to do the same repetitive task over and over again which does not require any mental activity. A Programmer faces new challenges in his job everyday and need to find solutions in the most creative way. Finding solutions and writing big and lengthy programs requires a good, active mind which is open to new ideas and ways of doing the same thing. This requires a focused mind. You need to manage your time as well and if you do not work on your mind and allows it to remain inactive and entangled to the other works, than you will have to suffer from inefficiency and unproductiveness. Activeness of the mind is desired by you and you must start working on it from today.

  • Learning and Creating new Everyday:
As if every job requires learning new everyday but in case of Programming, it becomes the necessity. As a Programmer, if you are not learning and creating something new every day than you are actually not a successful Programmer. 
Any problem can be approached through many ways and there can be many solutions for a single problem. As a Programmer your task is to find the best one. Your mind should be open to new ways of approaching a problem and you should learn new and creative solutions everyday.You should develop something by your own and with your skills. 
Learn new everyday related to your field. These learnings will generate new ideas in you which will ultimately provide the best solutions to your existing programming and coding problems. Learn from the online videos on programming. Practice coding questions. The video I have mentioned in the article provides on the description a link to the 'daily coding practice', which you can also subscribe and can practise daily to improve your coding and programming skills. There are many individuals who have gained help from that. I am sure this will help you too.

I hope, the above article helped you in knowing the most essential Skills of any Programmer and will help you in your future endeavour. All the Best!

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