Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in HR. Know How RPA can transform your HR operations.

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 27, 2019 | 53364 Views

Working in the HR department of a prestigious organization may seem the most lucrative position to work in but the daily HR tasks from onboarding to relieving seem tiresome at some point in time. In an organization of 1000s of employees engaged over, it is difficult and burdensome to handle all HR related tasks by oneself. There are already many formalities for a single employee, so handling such a large organizations' s workforce by a human is not an easy task. No matter how big the HR team is, it is seriously tiresome to manage all the HR related tasks from onboarding to relieving by human workforce only. And that is where RPA comes into the bigger picture. The use of RPA in HR operations is so much that it has become an integral part of the HR department at the present time. At present, there would rarely be any company left which is handling all the HR work by itself without the use of any automation. Automation has brought a revolution in the HR Department and the benefits are evident. In this article, we will look at the many ways by which RPA is helping and walking step by step with the human workforce.

Before discussing in detail the use cases of RPA in HR, let's quickly discuss first, what an RPA is.
What is RPA?
The use of software robots in automating several of the complex tasks in businesses is called Robotic Process Automation. Several of the applications are developed today which can process complex tasks in just a few clicks without the intervention of any human. This has made the processing of business tasks easier and has resulted in the productivity of the organization.

RPA Use cases in HR operations:
  • Reduces Onboarding time
The Onboarding of the new employee comes with it a lot of hopes from the new employee on taking the company to the next level but at the same time so many formalities as well. From offering joining letter to sending the formal email to the new employee, all the formalities need to be done from the HR department and this takes a lot of time. Now, all these things can easily be done in minutes with RPA. The software has been developed which can automate all these processes from drafting the joining letter to the new employee with correct details to sending e-mails.

  • Automating Repetitive HR tasks
There are several of the HR operations which include the clerical part in entering the details of the employees and managing them in the datasheet. This takes a lot of time when the size of the organization is big. Entering information of every single employee in the database and updating it from time to time is a tedious task. Now, all this can be done with the help of a software which is capable of entering the data to the system and update it from time to time. This saves a lot of time of the HR employees and frees the employer in hiring new employees for handling clerical tasks.

  • Maintains compliance of the Organization
Compliance is an important part of any organization. Now it has become important for every organization to maintain their compliance at the end of every month due to the strict labor laws. The compliance is the one thing that should be error free as well. Maintaining Compliance takes time as well as attention by the HR professionals when every detail is to be properly analyzed and entered. But with the help of RPA, now employers need not to worry about the long delays and human errors in the compliance as that all can be easily done with the help of the RPA software. RPA software is capable enough to complete the entire process in a short amount of time.

  • Making Salary of the employees
Consider a situation where an HR professional has to make the salary of a thousand employees without the help of any software. The situation will become troublesome for the HR and also there will be many chances of committing errors in it. But, with the help of RPA, this scenario can easily be avoided when the whole calculation will be done by the software and there be no need for any human to intervene in it. This obviously would give more correct result than as calculated by a human workforce.

Source: HOB