Top Online courses with certificates for every Data Scientist

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Demand for skilled data scientists continues to be sky-high, with IBM recently predicting that there will be a 28% increase in the number of employed data scientists in the next two years.

Businesses in all industries are beginning to capitalize on the vast increase in data and the new big data technologies becoming available for analyzing and gaining value from it.
So here are some data science courses which are free and enhances your CV. 

Building a Data Science Team
Offered By Johns Hopkins University\
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About this Course
Data science is a team sport. As a data science executive, it is your job to recruit, organize, and manage the team to success. In this one-week course, we will cover how you can find the right people to fill out your data science team, how to organize them to give them the best chance to feel empowered and successful, and how to manage your team as it grows. 

  • Describe the various roles that make up a Data Science team
  • Know relevant questions for interviewing data scientists
  • Manage a Data Science team onboarding
  • Understand how to encourage and empower Data Science teams

Executive Data Science Specialization
Offered By Johns Hopkins University
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In four intensive courses, you will learn what you need to know to begin assembling and leading a data science enterprise, even if you have never worked in data science before. You'll get a crash course in data science so that you'll be conversant in the field and understand your role as a leader. You'll also learn how to recruit, assemble, evaluate, and develop a team with complementary skill sets and roles. You'll learn the structure of the data science pipeline, the goals of each stage, and how to keep your team on target throughout. Finally, you'll learn some down-to-earth practical skills that will help you overcome the common challenges that frequently derail data science projects.

  • Become conversant in the field and understand your role as a leader.
  • Recruit, assemble, evaluate, and develop a team with complementary skill sets and roles.
  • Navigate the structure of the data science pipeline by understanding the goals of each stage and keeping your team on target throughout.
  • Overcome the common challenges that frequently derail data science projects.

Fundamentals of Scalable Data Science
Offered By IBM
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In this course, we teach you the fundamentals of Apache Spark using python and byspark. We'll introduce Apache Spark in the first two weeks and learn how to apply it to compute basic exploratory and data pre-processing tasks in the last two weeks. Through this exercise, you'll also be introduced to the most fundamental statistical measures and data visualization technologies.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe how basic statistical measures, are used to reveal  patterns within the data 
  • Recognize data characteristics, patterns, trends, deviations or inconsistencies, and potential outliers.
  • Identify useful techniques for working with big data such as dimension reduction and feature selection methods 

Introduction to Clinical Data Science
Offered By University of Colorado System
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This course will prepare you to complete all parts of the Clinical Data Science Specialization. In this course, you will learn how clinical data are generated, the format of these data, and the ethical and legal restrictions on these data. You will also learn enough SQL and R programming skills to be able to complete the entire Specialization - even if you are a beginner programmer. While you are taking this course you will have access to an actual clinical data set and a free, online computational environment for data science hosted by our Industry Partner Google Cloud. 

  • Describe how each type of clinical data are generated, specifically outlining who creates the data, when and why the data are generated.
  • Write SQL code to combine two or more tables using database joins.
  • Write R code to manipulate and tidy data including selecting columns, filtering rows, and joining data sets.

Professional Certificate in Python Data Science
By edX
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What you will learn
  • Understand Python language basics and apply to data science
  • Practice iterative data science using Jupyter notebooks on IBM Cloud
  • Analyze data using Python libraries like pandas and numpy
  • Create stunning data visualizations with matplotlib, folium and seaborn
  • Build machine learning models using scipy and sci-kit learn
  • Demonstrate proficiency in solving real-life data science problems

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