Introduction, Features, Demand, Average Salary, Skills. This is how Python became popular?

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As we can see that the average unemployment rate is increasing in the job market, the demand for IT jobs like Web development, Mobile application development, Big Data, and Cloud computing is higher. Most of the promising jobs require the professionals to be expert in certain programming languages like Python, Java, PHP, C, and C++.

Here we are going to focus on the most robust programming language, Python. If you want to know the average salary for Python skill in Information Technology, then continue to explore this article. This article will provide you some helpful information about the scope of Python professions in Information Technology. Let us begin with an introduction to Python.

A Brief Introduction to Python
Python is one of the most popular dynamic programming languages that is being used today. Python is an open-source and object-oriented programming language developed by Dutchman Guido van Possum in the 1980s. This language can be utilized for a wide range of applications like scripting, developing and testing.  Due to its elegance and simplicity, top technology organizations like Dropbox, Google, Quora, Mozilla, Hewlett-Packard, Qualcomm, IBM, and Cisco have implemented Python.

Several websites state that Python is one among the most famous programming language of 2016. Because of its implementation and syntax, it pressures more on code readability. When compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java, it requires the programmer to develop lesser codes. It offers automatic memory management and several standard libraries for the programmer. Once a programmer completes Python certification training, he can gain knowledge and experience in a wide range of top IT organizations. It is a general-purpose and high-level coding language.

Because of its features, a large number of programmers across the world, showing interest in making use of this language to develop websites, GUI applications, and mobile applications. The main reason that brings Python one among the top coding languages is that it allows the developers to figure out the concepts by developing readable and less code. Several advantages of Python support the programmers to alleviate the effort as well as the time required for developing complex and large applications.

A wide range of high-traffic websites like Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Groups, Google, Linux Weekly News, Web Therapy and Shopzilla is utilizing this programming language. Similarly, this language also catches a great usage for creating scientific, gaming, financial and educational applications. A different version of this programming language is widely used among the developers. For example, based on Python‚??s statistics and market share data usage published on W3techs, recently about 99.4 percent of websites are using Python 2 whereas 0.6 percent of websites are using Python 3.

The recent major version, Python 3 comes with a backward-incompatible feature in addition to the major features that are backported to the versions 2.6 and 2.7 of Python. Developers are always preferred to use the most current version of the coding language to induce various software application developments.  Hence, it is vital for the programmers to learn as well as understand entire versions of Python as well as its evolution.

Notable Features of Python
The following are some of the useful features of this language:
  • It uses the elegant syntax; hence, the programs are easier to read.
  • It is simple to access language, which makes it easy to achieve the program working. This feature makes Pythons as the ideal programming language for prototype development as well as other ad-hoc programming functions. There is no need to compromise maintainability.
  • The large standard library included in this language supports several programming tasks like searching text along with systematic expressions, linking to Web servers, modifying and reading files.
  • The interactive mode of Python makes it simple to test code‚??s short snippets. It also comprises the bundle's development environment known as IDLE.
  • It is also simple to extend the code by appending new modules that are implemented in other compiled language like C++ or C.
  • An expressive language which is possible to embed into applications to offer a programmable interface.
  • Allows the developer to run the code anywhere, including Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, and Linux.
  • It is free software in a couple of categories. It does not cost anything to use or download Pythons or to add it in the application. It can also be redistributable and modifiable without any cost; since the coding language is copyrighted and it is available under the open-source license.

Importance of Learning Python
Some people are still concentrating only on traditional computer languages. Still, they are essential for creating computer applications and handling huge mainframe computer, ignoring Python coding language could evidence to be a huge and costly mistake.

Since most of the companies prefer proprietary languages such as .Net or Java, most professionals didn‚??t consider these languages as a choice of learning. This is the main reason that there is a demand for good, talented employees in the company to function comfortably in Python. In spite of Python‚??s popularity among developers, it is yet to gain a notable place in the teaching prospectus. However, some countries like the United Kingdom and the United States begins to impart Python training in universities and schools.

According to HackerRank, a competitive platform for programmers, out of 38 coding languages across the world, 13.95 percent of entire code were compiled in Python, while 15.72 percent completion were in C, 37.72 percent of submissions were in C++.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Python among Programmers
There is no wonder that our world is continually stepping towards the new era of technology enhancement. This, in turn, increases the demand for the candidates with effective programming knowledge to develop as well as support the applications. Having Python training can be one of the ideal ways to take part in this continually developing information technology industry. The most common reasons that attract the programmers to use Python is its features of simple to graph and less emphasis on syntax. With these features, programmers do not have much trouble as they have in other conventional languages. Another reason that makes Python a most preferred choice is that it happens to be a simple coding language and it provides its support to a wide range of application types including scientific, computing and web development.

The massive popularity of the Python indicates its success as a modern coding language. The programmers worldwide for developing a variety of the web, desktop GUI, and mobile applications have recently used Python 3. There are abundant reasons why the massive market share and more popularity of Python remain undamaged over a longer period.

Why there is Huge Demand for Python Developers?
1. A gem in the Information Technology Field
Though Python was introduced to the world in the late 80s, because of the absence of proper marketing, there is no notice for this language for decades. In addition, it includes some problems with the base concept. This issue has remained as a hindrance in the path of its success. In the 21st century, Google brought this language and made some essential alterations over its configuration and setup in the core logic of the language. After those changes, it gained enhanced performance and power. In addition, it deleted entirely repeated methods and modules from the standard library to make it smoother and lighter. Currently, it has enhanced its performance by two to three times. This makes it one among the most influential languages in the technical industry. Thereby it has gained marvelous popularity among tech experts and developers.

2. Allow Developers to build Applications in various Domains
Of course, Python was inspired by traditional programming languages like Java and C++. Hence, there is no wonder in several similar features present in Python as that in Java or C++. Python includes the capability to set up any kind of application as like Java. That means, the Python developer can able to build a web application, desktop software, hardware program, and smartphone games. It enables its programmers not to bind their skills in any particular domain. The Python programs can build any kind of applications irrespective of device, domain, and platform.

3. Quality and Reliability
Python is well known for its speed, reliability, and efficiency. It is possible to project the Python applications under any environment. It is also possible to enjoy amazing performance there. Further, it is considered as the most secure and safe programming language. It includes the capability in creating enterprise standard massively secure application with the support of 128-bit encryption technology.  In addition, it is possible to implement a multi-tier security features in the applications.

Average Salary for Python Skills in IT
For most of the IT outsourcing organizations, proficiency in Python language is considered as an additional skill for developers. Companies prefer to choose candidates who have good working skills in this programming language. Since only a few people know the importance of Python in the IT enterprise, there is a great demand for professionals with Python proficiency.

Organizations offer different job roles for the Python developers. Based on their job roles, their job responsibilities will change. The most common job roles of the Python developers are as follows:
  • Software Developers
  • Engineer
  • Data Analyst
Nowadays, the enterprise is ready to offer high compensation for the capable Python professions. Programmers with six years of working experience can receive a salary of up to 30 percent higher compared to those having experience in the traditional languages.

The average salary of professionals who have Python skills
Based on the above figure, Software Engineers are paid approximately Rs. 499,300, Data Scientist and Senior Software Engineer are receiving Rs. 850,000 and Rs. 828,388 as an average salary.

Reasons Why Python is more demanding in the Job Market
Python is gaining increasing acceptance among enterprises and clients. Now the companies are smart enough to understand the power of this programming language. In addition, it is simple for them to modify their tested platforms. Hence, they are more willing to shift to Python.

The highest level of Python certification will offer a good career path for Python developers to prove their talent in this language. Many reputed training centers are available to offer high-level certification training regarding Python language, and we are one of them.

Variation in the demand, as well as supply ratio, can be one of the reasons that make more demand for Python programmers.

Python offers ambitious programmers a base foundation for their career. Ensuring training in the Python programming language guarantees that the candidates are capable of making use of this potential coding language in an efficient and exciting way. Candidates who are dreaming of having a great career in the Information Technology organization are sure to find Python fulfill their expectations. Top hiring agencies state that Python has become one of the hottest skills, which is commanding a top over conventional programming languages.

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