How Data can be recovered from SQL?

By ridhigrg |Email | Nov 19, 2019 | 4740 Views

The built-in data protection systems in an SQL database server cannot completely fulfill the requirements of data recovery in such systems. Even in the presence of other data security systems, hard disk breakdowns, power outages and other accidental failures can cause corruption of master data files and backup files of an SQL database.

During such times, the work of the database supervisor becomes crucial. He needs to ensure that the database starts working as soon as possible. He knows that the organization cannot tolerate data loss due to the occurrence of database crashes. It is all the more crucial when the data has an effect on the bottom-line of the business or its relationship with customers.

Most of the database supervisors know that even a little corruption of files containing master data can cause havoc. DBMS (database management systems) have enough safeguards to protect important data of the company stored in the database. However, it is still possible that the backups and transaction logs become corrupted. Wise supervisors always consider the role of commercial software available for recovering data.

Such software is easily accessible in markets in the form of customizable packages. It is offered by consulting data recovery companies. Some companies also provide them as software or service. Available software is usually posted on the website of the company. Web-based software is useful for companies that have big databases and work in a scattered environment.

By using such software, you can recover data from the following things.

  • From corrupted hard drives of RAID (Redundant Arrangement of Independent Disks)
  • Corrupted or deleted indexes
  • Partially corrupt table data
  • Damaged foreign keys or locked databases
  • All editions of the SQL servers

Generally, the time taken to recover data varies between one and four days. This depends on the amount of data that is corrupted, and the reason for the database crash. Therefore, this software recovery tool is an effective protection against power outages, database crashes, and inadvertent operations

Source: HOB