I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First. ...

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I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First.

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IBM Unveils New Cloud for Data Science and Engineering

By satyamkapoor |Email | Mar 22, 2018 | 18471 Views

IBM has unveiled a new cloud offering called Cloud Private Data which is designed to help organizations make use of data science and machine learning techniques in order to generate insight from data and then use that to engineer AI products that make use of those insights. Also, Big Blue announced the creation of a new consulting group called the Data Science Elite Team.

IBM describes this new cloud offering as an "integrated data science, data engineering, and app building platform" which will eventually be available across all clouds. This offering is designed to help users with a broad range of activities which include collecting, cleaning and cataloging data to using ML algorithms in order to build models and then finally put them into production.

This cloud product borrows technology from various other products of IBM, most prominently the Data Science Experience, the famous Apache Spark based offering that they had launched in 2016 which allows data scientists to iterate and develop models using Python, R and Scale all within in a Jupyter notebook environment.

Rob Thomas, General Manger of IBM analytics said that this Cloud Private for Data is basically an engineered solution for doing data science, application building and data engineering. He says that somebody as an aspiring data scientist can find relevant data, build models, do ad-hoc analysis and deploy models into production using this product with a single integrated experience.

IBM also posted videos showing how this software can be used. Using a slick GUI, the user can search for various data sets across cloud. This new product can be deployed within minutes using the Kubernetes containerization technology. IBM added in its press release that the software is quite suitable for analyzing data form event-driven applications, like the ones that use IoT sensors, mobile devices and online commerce.

Although this product is only offered on the IBM's cloud presently, in future it will be available on all clouds. IBM also has plans to offer industry-specific versions of this product to customers in the healthcare, financial services and manufacturing industries.

IBM also announced their creation of a new Data Science Elite team in order to help customers with their data science and big data analytics projects. 

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