Google wants to nurture AI and ML ecosystem in India

By pratosh |Email | Apr 19, 2018 | 7188 Views

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve people's lives in insightful ways from helping detect diseases and breaking down language obstacles to make businesses more effective. Google believes that AI will help tackle huge challenges like healthcare, environmental protection and other social and developmental problems, while also spurring improvement for businesses and developers.
The prospect is huge and not constrained by location - a company in Bangalore or Gurgaon could serve the whole world. In fact, a latest report by Accenture concluded that India, by embracing AI technologies could add nearly $1 trillion to its GDP by 2035.
India already has some of the key ingredients to becoming a most important strength in leading the next generation of disorderly innovation in machine learning (ML) a tech-savvy talent pool, renowned universities, healthy levels of entrepreneurship and strong corporations. This does, however, require for the whole ecosystem, be it government, industry professionals, academia or the developer community to come together and identify areas and occasions; participate and contribute to high-quality research and innovation, and turn these systems into effective business models.
Google wants to actively work with the community to substitute and nurture the ecosystem. As a first step towards that, the company organized a workshop at their campus in Bangalore, to bring together a cross-section of the AI and ML community in India.
Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow, Google and Prabhakar Raghavan, VP, Apps Google Cloud flexed off the workshop by sharing Google's vision for AI and the work we are doing to help businesses and developers innovate with AI. Faculty and researchers from the IITs and other leading universities, and industry experts from both startups and bigger companies including Amazon, Flipkart, LinkedIn, Myntra, Microsoft and Ola participated and spoke on the ongoing research and work being undertaken in India in many areas of AI/ML such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, ML Systems, and Generative Models.
Bringing together people from different parts of the community in a workshop is one-step the Google's seems to be taking to inspire people in India to innovate with AI. It also provides researchers, companies and developers with tools to solve complex problems with machine learning, including the open-source machine-learning framework TensorFlow, custom-built machine learning chips TPUs, and Cloud AI - a suite of products to help businesses build their own machine learning powered services from pre-trained APIs to Cloud AutoML and the Cloud Machine Learning Engine.
When every developer, entrepreneur or scientist can leverage the power of intelligent systems, there's no limit to what AI/ML can accomplish, and that benefits all of us.

Source: HOB