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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 25, 2018 | 8868 Views

The Internet of Things  Internet of Things  ensures benefits for organizations, together with rich provisions of data that can help them more efficiently serve their clients. 

Since so many campaigns, products, assets, vehicles, buildings, etc. will be connected, there is an opportunity that hackers and other cyber criminals will try to exploit weakness.Any point in time in the system from the network edge or margin to corporate server and briny line of business coating to an end user twist to the transmission mechanisms vulnerable to flak. Any and all of these points can be subjugated. 

As a result, Internet of Things defense ranks as a big worry for many organizations. Research firm 451 Research recently conducted an online survey of more than 600 IT decision makers worldwide and found that 55 percent rated Internet of Things security as their top priority when asked to rank which technologies or processes their organizations considered for existing or planned Internet of Things initiatives. The very nature of Internet of Things makes it particularly challenging to protect against attacks, the report says.

Organizations should take a thorough inventory of everything on the Internet of Things network and search for forgotten devices that may contain back doors or open ports

Patching is one of the fundamental concepts of good IT security hygiene, president of consulting firm IP Architects and an expert on Internet of Things.

 If a security related patch exists for an Internet of Things device, that is the vendors acknowledgement of a weakness in their devices and the patch is the remediation.  Once the patch is available, the accountability for the issue transfers from the vendor to the organization using the device. It might make sense to use vulnerability and configuration management, and this would be provided in some cases by vulnerability scanner products.

Source: HOB