How AI is going to Change Education System

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 7, 2018 | 20955 Views

Today's Education System is facing biggest challenge that students are well educated but not employable or employable at very low rate. The institutions, colleges and universities are very every effort to improve the quality of education.

AI has the potential to improve the quality of education and streamline the process of education system. Artificial Intelligence, with its tool can ease the administrative process, evaluation process and facilitate students access to vital resources.

With the advancement in technology, institutions and universities are adopting various technologies to improve and expediate the learning system.

AI Solution to elevate the Education System such as:

  • Customized Students interaction:

In today's scenario, it is difficult for average students to get personal attention by teachers among the top performer and intelligent students. AL can provide assistance to these students in clearing their basic concepts. Carnegie learning is a tool that guide the students like a teacher where they are facing difficulties and it provide feedback on students performance based on their record. The advancement in AL has the potential to support visual learning which is the probable future learning style.

  • Speedy administrative process:

Automation process in education has speedup the evaluation of students in online exams, MCQs and fill in the blanks. Researchers believe soon the developments in AL can provide solution for evaluating the students process in can of subjective assessment papers. This will provide teachers or tutors with more sufficient time to develop course plan based on current industry requirements. AI virtual assistance facilitate students with 24/7 teaching support with non-availability of teachers as well.

  • Support Service to students:

AI with chatbots can improve the support service to the students in terms of communication, and handling queries. Many universities are using chatbots resolve the queries of students related to admission procedure, evaluation procedure, time schedule, courses available etc. AI teaching assistance can answer the questions of students doing online course on behalf of tutor.

  • Continuous monitoring of students progress:

With the help of Natural Language programming algorithm, AI provides an interactive self-paced learning platform where students can learn and tutors can keep track of students progress on the dashboard. This helps both students and faculties to participate in learning process with continuous assessment, feedback, guidance.

  • Facilitates Students engagement and retention:

Today's Universities are facing with growing challenge of students retention in higher studies. AI with its various tools while provide assistance in learning process, keeps records of students data and responses. With the proper data mining tool, AI can identify the reasons for dropouts and provide early warning signals to teachers. This enable them to guide the students and provide them solutions. AI with virtual assistance help in engaging more ad more students with the course.

So, integration of AL with Chatbots, NLP algorithm, Virtual learning assistance, machine learning, cognitive computing technologies provides many solutions to education system in improving the quality of education system.  Researchers believe, Advancement in Al has the potential to assist visual learning which is the growing learning style in education system.


Source: HOB