Chatbots Entrepreneur's new best friend

By pratosh |Email | May 8, 2018 | 6327 Views

The recent increase in adoption of chatbots and AI has irreversibly upgraded the business scenario of India. Everyday consulers interects with this kind of systems in the check-out lanes, customer services. Nowadays entrepreneur are more reliable on the chatbots in day to day execution of the operational activities. 

Chatbots are basically the online popups screens programmed for helping to navigate the customers through the required services via text. Chatbots can be used in infinite ways to execute different business processes. 

A chatnot is capable of handeling a huge number of task for example:-
  • Language translation in order to communicate with the international clients
  • Real time alerts for particular stocks
  • Automated news 
  • Schudeling tasks 
AI and chatbots can be seen as a tool for human enhancement than to see them as a tool, which can replace human being. Chatbots can help people to execute their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Chatbots have become a matter of tautness in certain industries. People look at them as the replacement of human workers in the coming future. Lot of people across certain industries feel that a squad of chatbots are marching towards them to take away with their jobs. That simply is not the case. The AI revolution is to help humans with their work but not to replace. 

Chatbots will enable to free efficient human beings from doing monotonous jobs and enable them to invest their time in thinking to solve some critical problems. AI enabled software can be used to process huge chunk of data and to find out any pattern or correlation among them. The results of these can be used to make a better decision in the business process. This enables the workers to depend on AI and chatbots and make use of it as a valuable tool.
It is always good to make use of AI and chatbots to enhance the human capabilities. Collaboration of human and chatbots always results in a productive exercise.

Source: HOB