AI: Powering everyday Tasks

By pratosh |Email | May 8, 2018 | 7419 Views

Ai is much capable of than just a machine with human level intelligence. It is a bunch of algorithm  and codes that can power lot of human task in day to day life.  

Deep learning techniques are implemented by google photos while grouping pictures using facial recognition. AI is used by chatbots which communicates with us in Yahoo, Facebook and other sites. Alibaba use AI to match a product similar to the one in the photo which is uploaded by the user. AI is used by assistants like Siri, Crotona, Alexa and Google Assistant to come up with relevant information to the user and execute the right task.

Nowadays AI is capable of writing article based on web search. It can write a biography based on information found on the internet about a person.

More than 70-80% of the companies identifies themselves as AI startups. Because of its usefulness, it will become a trending business in the coming future. 

Investors will eventually stop searching for AI startups to fund, instead they will look for startups, which implements AI in their processes. In the year 2008-9 being a cloud user was looked to be very different whereas nowadays if a startup does not use cloud is looked to be very eccentric 

AI is even used in the law firms. It is used to read long documents by the layers to avoid any errors. Many startups are working to convert speech into wipes and clicks to execute a particular task without actually clicking or touching the screen.  

Many drone startups are working to send drones to places where it is very difficult for humans to reach, drones can create a 3D map of the place and can inform if there is anyone in need of help. It can also be used to analyze the road steepness. 

Source: HOB