5 Reasons Why Consumer Will Embrace Artificial Intelligence

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 9, 2018 | 10965 Views

Technological revolutions have become a norm in this era of innovation. Artificial Intelligence is a crucial part of many of this decade's advancements. Artificial Intelligence is the major field in IT that is going to join our daily tasks and change many trends in the industry. E-commerce lasts to post solid performances, but stress and confusion are routine for merchants, logistics companies and consumers. 
Artificial intelligence can help bring order to this chaos. Following are the reasons:

Faster Deliveries through AI:
We can aspect fast delivery through AI as many more advancements have happened in the field of AI, moreover delivery delays and out-of-stock items cause consumer frustration. Wouldn't it be ideal if companies knew who was likely to buy their products and when? Supply chain professionals should think for the right manpower, warehouse and transport capacities, or even send goods to be stored close to delivery addresses before we buy them. While customers receive their orders more promptly and efficiently, the planet benefits too as fewer shipped packages need to be sent back.

Consumers Get What They Wish For:
A second and most major challenge in the supply chain is to predict what the next the product consumer's will buy. Merchants should be proactive, and accept the risk that their stored goods may not be bought. On other side, the consumers also have the anticipation that retailers have in stock what they want to buy. Supply-demand uncertainties and mismatches are costly and inefficient for all participants. One AI-powered approach is called optimized line planning, which integrates data such as internal sales and customer records, competitive intelligence, trend analysis and social media preferences to create a customer profile or persona. This provides self-assurance that both sales targets and the needs of the consumer will be met.

Goods Travel Safely:
When supply-chain professionals know what is happening, they can ensure packages will reach despite any hostile conditions. The AI-based system helps to predict the actual and potential problems like supplier delays, strikes, earthquakes or tsunamis, and allows the relevant teams to make informed decisions to keep inventory touching and consumers happy.

Fewer Goods are stolen:
Some orders don't arrive due to offense. This pioneering technology can be used to protect any kind of asset from vehicles to shops, to warehouses and even entire cities. The security system keeps an eye on the feeds in real time and alerts authorities the moment it recognizes uncommon activities.

Quicker and Better Customer Service:
With the intervention of AI in supply chain the customer service is improved and ensures the good quality in return as well. AI tools can speedily provide proper information to customer service staff, and improve customer-agent conversations without replacing them. However, time digital voice-activated assistants could provide an opportunity for progress.
AI-enabled robots have started to work alongside humans as autonomous vehicles, security cameras and digital assistants, some experts have said they should be fitted with an "ethical black box" to keep record of their reasoning, and enable them to explain their actions when accidents happen.
AI is on the peak and is entering into numerous parts of our lives. The impact it shows on consumer satisfaction, it would not be surprising if consumers not only comprised the intelligent supply chain but demanded more AI solutions in the purchasing process. Meanwhile, investors soon may no longer fund businesses that aren't planning to incorporate AI in some form.

AI is on rise and it is entering into our lives, and shows a great impact. However, it is very useful and we should opt it as its capacities are important for future implementation. AI into Supply Chain related-tasks holds high potential for boosting top-line and bottom-line value.

Source: HOB