Chatbots and AI Trends in The event Industry

By pratosh |Email | May 9, 2018 | 11310 Views

Chatbots are at trend for companies, which has customers who use messaging platform to clear their quarries about a product or a service. This is the key reason why chatbots are implemented across various industries ranging from e-commerce and fashion to conservative sectors like banking and insurance. 
The impact of advancement of conventional UIs in the event industry is less impactful as compared to other sector but this technology has the potential to enable smarter event management in the coming future. 
So what is the reason, which makes us feel that chatbots will make a significant impact in the event management industry? 
It is probably because of the three major trends that are fostering the need of chatbots. 
The present app fatigue 
The rise in adoption of messaging apps 
Commoditization of AI algorithm 
People all over the world are using messaging apps for communication this is the reason why the customer communication is moving towards messaging apps nowadays. 
Companies nowadays build their own chatbots for customer quarries and briefing about a new product and service. 
How chatbots are employed in event industry:
Chatbots which we use to interact with may seem to be simple but the bot makers make use of advanced machine learning techniques to make these bots more intelligent and capable of interacting with human beings in a more relevant way. 
Event participants keep very high expectations from the event, which they attend, and they want the technology to make their experience more pleasant. Organization can make use of chatbots to deliver personalized experience at scale and can save huge amount of time and money. 
AI enabled chatbots can be used for answering quarries, collecting feedbacks of the attendees.  
How chatbots answers quarries?
Attendees trend to ask lot of quarees like, what is the location of the venue, Wi-Fi password, who is going to perform and lot more. Instead of using traditional means like mail, phone etc. to handle these question, chatbots can be a scalable solution for it and that too at a fraction of cost as compared to the cost of the traditional ways. 
How to make chatbots gather feedback?
Chatbots can gather feedbacks more effectively than any other traditional means. These bots has different functionalities like live poles, rating etc. The chatbot can ask attendees to rate a particular speaker or a session. 
An event organizer should start to leverage the available technology to enable the attendees to consume the event content in a hyper-personalized way. Organizer will be able to gather more quality insights about the experience of the attendees. 

Source: HOB