5 Emerging Digital Marketing Solutions in 2018

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 10, 2018 | 13815 Views

The digital transformation and advancement in technology continuously pushing organisations to adopt new technologies. As consumer and marketer both are getting empowered with the development in technology, A marketer cannot afford to miss single opportunity to increase customer overall experience.

In the most dynamic and competitive world, every marketer looks for an opportunity and innovative solution to become more customer centric, deliver seamless customer experience, enlarge customer base and retain existing customer.

2018 came with 5 innovative Digital Marketing that can provide better solution for marketers to become more customer centric

  •    Mobile Marketing analytics
The increasing user base on mobile devices and increasing internet traffic with mobile provide ample of opportunity to learn about their customer. The report says that mobile devices play dominant role as customer engagement point. A good marketer cannot neglect the impact of mobile analytics which can provide valuable insights about the user behaviour, likes and dislikes, taste and preferences.

  •    AI
The continuous development in artificial intelligence came up this year as cutting-edge solution for marketers to enlarge customer engagement, improve organisationsâ?? efficiency, build staffs capability, enhance customer experience and many more. The integration of AI with its subset are providing solutions to marketing issues which a marketer cannot ignore. With the implementation of AI in marketing practices, marketer will able to achieve a new level of speed, efficiency in the path of becoming more customer cendric.

  •    Chatbots

It is a conversational platform where almost 70% of the customer queries are handled by robots or machine. With the rise in process automation Chatbots comes with a great solution to provide customers with personalized interaction platform and reduce the waiting time to resolve their grievances. Many big players have adopted chatbots as a strategy to provide seamless experience and ensure customer engagement for a longer period of time.

  •    Video Content
Readers are losing their interest in reading text content. Now customers are more interested to watch a small video rather read a blogs or articles. With the changing interest of consumers video content is playing a dominant role to engage more customer. Research shows that many Facebook user while scrolling down their news feed prefer to watch few seconds video but not necessarily read the news. The year 2018 came up with lots of opportunity in using video content as a strategy to build brand awareness, to communicate and deliver distinctive value to the customer.

  •    Hyper-Targeted Personalisation
The concept mass customisation has changed the views and strategies of marketers to deal with customers. Now the focus of whole marketing process of creating, communicating and delivering value to customer is highly personalised. Big data and data analytics gives an idea about diverse customer needs, specific niche interest and provide ample of opportunity and untapped area to grow. Bis marketing leaders are focused on to deliver value to specific targets based on demographic and geo-fencing with the help of different technologies.
The companies involved in mobile and social medial display advertising are also focused to provide personalised services to their target audience.
There are many other trends in 2018 which can help a marketing manager to resolver their issues with the customers. So, one must be aware with the emerging trends and technologies and innovative solutions to upgrade themselves and cope up with dynamic environment.

Source: HOB