AI Changing the Scenario of Content Marketing

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 15, 2018 | 8892 Views

Technological revolutions have become a norm in this era of innovation, Artificial Intelligence have been a crucial part of many of this decade's advancements. When we add AI the game changes completely. We are spending a lot of time on content marketing activities, like discovering keywords, prepare blog post topics, drafting, optimizing, personalizing and automating content, testing landing pages, scheduling the social shares, reviewing analytics and shaping content strategies. Now imagine if machines perform all these activities than the working speed is just doubled and it also drives higher business performance. This can only be happen because of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is the broader umbrella under which machine Learning and Deep Learning comes. It's all about tremendous increase in data so results can't be predicted accurate, hence AI comes into the picture and now it is the talk of the town. In short Artificial Intelligence is the technique which enables the machines to act as human- beings.

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the field of content marketing. The rules and basic guidelines of content marketing change every year. Blog posts are longer now, hyper-focused web pages and personalized advertising have become a necessity, and Google has launched new machine learning information. Artificial intelligence helps marketers in the content marketing by understanding user data and make sense out of the indent.
With artificial intelligence marketers can automatically generate content for simple stories such as stock updates and sports news. AI has unlimited potential to do:
  1. Discover Insights.
  2. Deliver Predictions.
  3. Make Strategic Recommendations.
  4. Create the content better, faster and cheap.
  5. The AI framework for Content Marketing.
Take the initiative to look for different ways machines can help marketers what machines do best, and keep doing the things human do best.
Following are the 5 point framework that marketers might take advantage of AI today and in future:
  • Planning: AI driven topic clusters and competitive analysis.
  • Production: AI driven email subject line recommendations and content curation.
  • Personalization: AI driven personalization tools, like boomtrain, OneSpot, Skyword, Uberflip etc.
  • Promotion: AI driven social media decisions and recommendations for visitors.
  • Performance: In AI framework performance relates to marketing activities like turning data into intelligence through automation and then using that intelligence to optimize performance.

Despite the huge leaps and bounds technology has made in the past decade or so, people still crave connections with other humans. So, while automated content-creating robots may well be on the rise, content thoughtfully produced by real people is still incredibly powerful.

Source: HOB