Top 5 website to offer online certifications & degree

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 17, 2018 | 6657 Views

Now a day attending colleges and getting degrees is not sufficient to get a good and high paying job. Today getting a good job requires knowledge of recent trends and technologies and skill set to operate that technologies. 

Universities offered courses that are based on traditional pattern which becomes less relevant to meet the industry requirements. Autonomous colleges revise their syllabus and courses based on current trends. Still it is not possible to teach everything in the classroom setting.

But not to worry, there are few online websites that offer certification and degrees to in recent technologies. To meet the industry's requirement, upgrade knowledge and develop new skills one can enrol in the courses of their interest.

Top 5 websites available to pursue online certifications:

  •   Coursera
It is one of the most popular website to provide certifications in many courses online. It offers courses from the renowned universities like it offers courses from the top 100 universities across the globe. Coursera has partnered with Stanford university, University of Messigan and many other renowned universities to offer student with universal access to upg rade the competencies and skills. It offers both paid and unpaid courses related to different fields.

  •   EDX
It is non-profitable joint venture of MIT and Harvard University. It offers online classes to get certification and degree to million of user all around the world. The website has its own time to provide online classes and users cannot customised it on its own choice. It is also associated of top universities like Harvard university, MIT, university of Brookline and many other. It offered online courses on massive scale to the students in different fields.

  •   Udacity
It is a digitauniversity. It provides easy and simple user interface. It is specialized in providing computer science courses. This digital university does not require any books or physical materials. It is not inly meant to provide certification and degree but assist the students at different level. It provides a discussion forum where students can interact with other students and can broaden their thought process. 

  •   Open culture
Open culture is the best option for those who want quality education but budget is constraint for them. Open culture has its big library having 1300 courses including around 45000 hours of audio and video lectures. This platform is totally free, user is not required to pay any cost at all. It is bit time consuming to find out the courses link on single page full of different courses but they are organised category wise. Many courses available on open culture are offered by top universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard etc. it also provides free access of various eBooks and Audio books to the students.

  •   Udemy 
Udemy is the best option to choose for online courses if you want to get certified in as web developers. It is like an online instate that offers different courses by experts. It also provides opportunity to person to start their own classes who are expert in this field. Udemy provides an opportunity to become instructor in this platform and exploit the existing user base for own benefits. Udemy is one of good learning platform to boost your career and upscale your skills in your job profile. 

These all websites offered some course free of cost and some are paid. Students have to enrol in the courses of their interest to get certifications. Along with video lectures all websites provide assignments, quizzes and projects to be completed by students to have practical exposer and hands on experience. These all are great platform to learn and elevate the level of competencies.

Source: HOB