How website Chatbot could benefit Your Business

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 29, 2018 | 11496 Views

Chatbots have become more popular in recent years but it exists six decades back. With the launch of Facebook messenger platform, the concept of conversational interface using chatbot became more common. The advancement in chatbots help organization to improve customer experience on non-messaging platform as well.
Chatbots conversational UI can be integrated with different channels such as Facebook messenger, Skype, WeChat, Slack etc. many big giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft are adopting chatbots due to leverage its benefits. 
 With the development in chatbots and ease of integrating with messaging platform, the conversational interface is getting new digital platforms such as mobile apps and websites. So, wondering that how web chatbot could help to grow your business?

Website Chatbots
It refers to the concept where chatbots interacts with user through website browser. Broadly web chatbot can be categorized into three parts such as Live Chat, Banners and Full Website.
Here are 3 broad benefits that Web Chatbot provides
  • Less Dependency
Web chatbots reduce the dependency on 3rd party of different messaging platform to provide customer support and service. It reduces the privacy issues and other risks of high dependency and provide full controls to the company to engage customer with company. In today's highly, regulated industries company faced with the issue of losing control over the data exchanged on messaging channels.
  • Customized user experience
The user experience throughout the customer website journey have significant impact on business survival and success. Web chatbots provide biggest benefit of control on customer journey over other messaging channels chatbots. In online marketing web chatbot can bridge the gap of face to face interaction with salesperson to provide product related information and convert prospects into customer. Organisation can customize user journey based on their expectations to personalise the services offered.
Also, web chatbots provide customer support during offline or online shopping. It can help customer to find out new offers and product deals, recommend products based on past purchase, making payments and many more.
  • Collect more leads, orders and feedback
In today's digital world organisations face problem in customer engagement that is key driver of lead generation.
Web chatbots helps organization to generate more leads, engage more your visitors with interactive user interface, target audience on a large scale and collect valuable feedback on customer journey to improve their experience 

Chatbots while interacting with visitors, prospects and customers collects lots of data that can be utilised for the purpose to improve website's conversion rate. Also, these feedback provide scope of improvement in the existing products and services to enhance customer satisfaction level.

So, web chatbots can upsurge return on investment, improve user experience throughout the website journey, enhance customer support and service and contributes towards lead generations. Also, it reduces the dependency over other platforms to engage more customer and reduces the privacy issue due to les control over the data exchanged on messaging channel platform.

Source: HOB