Some examples where AI and Machine learning are impacting our daily life

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 31, 2018 | 13131 Views

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is no more hype. These technologies are changing our life, the way communicate, the way we do business and the way we live. We can say many examples where AI and machine learning has transformed our daily life.

There are some areas where AI and related technologies are impacting our life
  • Consumer goods
Consumer goods like Hello Barbie are responding to a child with the help of data analytics and natural language processing and machine learning in more realistic way. These dolls are becoming smarter with artificial intelligence to interact with a child and respond accordingly. Barbie doll has a microphone embedded in its necklace that records the conversation and at the back-end the data is analyzed and then accordingly barbie respond to the child. To talk with barbie child has to press the listen button. In this manner a child can interact with the Hello Barbie doll.
Beverages company like Coca-Cola is capitalizing AI to develop new products based on the data collected. Also, they are using augmented reality in bottling plants. The industry players are using AI, analytics, big data chatbots to improve their operations, marketing, advertising, communication, customer support and services etc. 

  • Retail
Big giant like Walmart is using AI, machine learning, IoT, data analytics continuously to improve customer service and their online as well as in-store experience. with the help of these technologies they are improving customer engagement using facial recognition technology, interactive mirrors, scan and go feature apps and many more. The retailers are using innovative technology and sensors to bring store traffic alike online traffic.

  • Financial services
With huge data from marketing database, transaction records and public information, financial companies and credit agencies are improving the understanding of their clients. They are embedding machine learning in their products for effective and more informed decision making. Also, machine learning over the time became capable of separating the relevant data from the unstructured one to ensure availability of labelled data.

  • Creative Arts
AI-enabled Chef Watson is bringing creativity and innovations in cooking by suggesting different combinations of ingredients to make dishes to human chef. So, the collaborative effort of human and machines is creative and unique flavors of foods. IBM developed Chef Watson is providing solutions related to food with cognitive cooking by analyzing data available to it.
Similarly, in music industry, based on data collected from different sources, machines like Watson Beat can generate theme for lyrics with the help of music generating algorithms. AI helps musicians and artist to understand what their audience expects and which effort can give them best hit.

  • Media
AI is also transforming user experience in entertainment industry. Companies are using the spoken interface platform like Alexa and Siri to deliver seamless experience. for example, BBC project "Talking with MachineĆ¢?? an audio drama that enables listener to join or participate in drama and have their own two-way conversation with the characters using smart speaker.
The leading UK news agency Press Association is using robots to save local news from going out of market. The association is using AI to automate local news to retain audience. These robots are writing local news story with the help of Natural Language Generation.

So, today almost every industry like healthcare, manufacturing, services and so on are making use to these technologies to improve their efficiency and services to customers that are impacting our everyday life.

Source: HOB