Amazing way Restaurants are using Augmented Reality

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 31, 2018 | 17313 Views

Restaurants is one of the evergreen business to serve customers. Technological advancement has revolutionized the way they interact with customers, the way they serve customers, the way they display and promote their products and offerings and marketing efforts as well.

With the technology revolution, restaurants are using innovative means to adapt with latest trends and technologies to deliver seamless customer experience, boost sales and build brand image. Technologies are providing innovative and exciting means to engage your customer.

Augmented reality to improve customer experience
As customer always looks for something new, AR brings ample of opportunity to attract customer and promote their image in different manner. Soon, AR experience will become a key differentiating factor to have competitive edge.

With the help of Augmented reality, it makes possible for customer to scan logo from mobile and see menu that restaurant is offering or when they scan menu they may able to watch how meals are cooked or see a head chef with greeting and welcoming address.

Apart from providing information about restaurants products and offerings, AR is being used in creating memorable experience. some restaurants are using ROAR Augmented Reality platform to create amazing AR experience.

Let"s see how one of the France Restaurant has used Augmented reality to welcome their guest in an innovative and amazing way.

Source: HOB