Increase your Life Span with eKincare

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 1, 2018 | 8391 Views

eKincare is a Hyderabad based healthcare start-up featured by technology and analytics aimed at increasing people's life span. The CEO and Co-founder of eKincare with the help of embedded analytics aims to reshape the employee's healthcare benefits in today's corporate world. 

Their efforts are directed to assist organisation with reduced health care costs and improve employee's heath. They are providing a strategic approach to stimulate greater employee's contribution at workplace.

What is eKincare?
 eKincare is an AI-powered personal health assistance that reads individual's data from medical records, analyse those data and predicts potential health issues and offers customized recommendations to prevent those health issues.

The platform provides 24/7 assistance and access to qualified doctors. The user can access online disease management programme, theme-based webinars from experts and assessments to quantify health risks. The user can purchase medicines online on the platform and get discounts on health checks.

How it works?
Employee has to register on the platform to avail its services. Once the registration is done, user need to fill up a short questionnaire and based on the user response the algorithm will display health score of the employee against the standard score. Right now, this app is only available for B2B users. 

It acts as a transactional app to avail health services, consult specialist doctors, purchase medicines online but it works beyond this as a guide to the user by utilising their medical records from different sources and recommend them actions to be taken.

The main work of eKincare starts when employees ends with their medical services. As based on those data the platform builds company's health profile and suggest them with the activities like Office Olympics, chair Yoga to get greater contributions of employees and reduce healthcare cost. 

The platform offers very user-friendly interface that provide easy access to colour-coded test results and detailed information related to what and why various tests will contribute towards healthcare and improvement.

The app contains 5 tabs

  • Home - it is the home page of the platform that shows what activities user can perform on the platform.
  • Health - this section shows the detailed medical records, health score of the user and previous doctors consultations and medications.
  • Documents - this tab act as a storage place where user can store all of its data, records, medical reports, invoices, prescriptions etc. the eKincare algorithm uses this data for personalised recommendations.
  • Value added services - it is one click options to avail services with doctors, order medicines, booking health check-ups etc.
  • Improve - this section provides recommendations related to what actions should be taken to improve health.
The start ups beside explaining its services also conducts maternity programs and provide solution to individuals, insurers and healthcare providers as well. 
Many healthcare companies are adopting this platform to exploit its benefit in employee's annual health check. The CEO says that the app is still in its first phase and will improve or update its services with the advancement in AI.

Source: HOB