AI came with the capability to read Human mind

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 7, 2018 | 5700 Views

Researchers are continuously working on the development of AI to understand and explore the possible areas where artificial intelligence can be implemented. Now, scientist came up with the new AI system that can read and decode human mind. The further advancement may provide some valuable insights about how a human brain function.

This new system uses Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which is heart of the system. This network has significant contribution in the field of computer vision that enables a computer or smartphones to recognise faces and objects. 

What is CNN?
It is kind of deep learning algorithm or feed-forward artificial neural networks that are applied to analyse visual imagery. CNN is used to study how a brain processes a static image or visuals and interpret what a person is seeing by analysing brain scans.

AI brain reading technology
A system has been developed to see how brain processes movies scenes and a step taken to decode the human brain when person is seeing movies. For this, researchers have used 11.5 hours of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) data and these data were used to predict human brain activity about visual context.

The model is used to decode FMRI data from the subjects to decode or reconstruct the images or video that a person has seen before and thinking about. So, it is able to do decoding in real time. Also, researchers are able to see how a brain divides visual scenes into pieces and reassemble those pieces to understand the full visuals.

Let's have a look how it works:
It is hard to believe that in reality a computer can visualize what human brain is thinking. But few scientists at Kyoto university in japan made it possible. They made further development and shared their reports.

Initially machine learning has been used to study brain scans and visualize what a human brain is thinking when looks at a simple picture.  But Kyoto scientist has taken one step ahead and developed new AI system that can decode human thoughts. It means with the help deep neural network new AI can decode or recreate the image which a person is thinking about by seeing on human's brain activity only. This new system allows scientist to decode more sophisticated images with different shapes and colour over the initial technique that only visualizes white or black images.

So, the development in artificial intelligence can provide ample opportunity to implement it in different field and see how it can impact human life.

Source: HOB