How AI can improve Organisations workflows

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 13, 2018 | 12984 Views

Today, while identifying the potential benefit of AI in future, probably we are ignoring the real value driving from AI at current point of time. Experts believe that the real value lies in terms of greater efficiency, more accuracy and less time taking in workflows.

One common example everyone reminds when asked about artificial intelligence is efficient and faster manufacturing of automobiles in automatic assembly line. Similarly, business workflow can improve the overall performance and productivity of an organisation as it provides clarity on what is to be done, whom to report, how long it will take to complete this task, what will be next process of this task, who else are involved and how to complete the task.

Time and efforts are the most precious or any organization which can be reduces wit the help of artificial intelligence. In today's complex business world, more tasks to be accomplished in less time so, time became one of the most scares resource.
Ways to Improve your workflows
In the technological revolution and digital economy, automation lies at the heart of effective workflows to gain many benefits. Automation provides faster means of communication, access to huge amount of data, facilitate coordination and data-driven informed decision making.
  • Replace low level cognitive tasks
Automation make routine task easier as machines can do repetitive task more quickly and efficiently. AI has extended the scope of business automation to make each day more productive. the main focus of artificial intelligence and automation is to replace day to day low level cognitive tasks from the hands of human workforce and relieve them for more critical and strategic tasks to identify innovative solutions.
  • Put great minds to good use
By putting mundane tasks to be done by computers and machines, human workforce can think more critically and get deeper insights about the customer, competitors, environment and internal resources and predict the future outcomes more accurately. This unleash employees creative and problem-solving skills and encourage them to contribute more towards organization with creative and innovative solutions. AI and automation will provide access to huge amount of data in real time that will reduce chances of uncertainty and improve their ability to take decision.
  • Integrate human work flows together
AI offers fastest means of communication in real time which ensures coordination and collaborations among different teams in the organisation. AI and automation offers flexibility in working hours and encourage work from home. This reduces the physical presence, reduce interruption in work and improves joint efforts with integrated human work flows. 
  • Making marketing more intelligent, less artificial
Today's competitive world calls for long term and deep relationships with key stakeholders for growth and sustainability. AI and related technologies helps in analysing big data in structured or unstructured form. This helps to have deeper understanding, sentiments analysis and take corrective actions based on this to balance the interest of all stakeholders in the organization. AI also helps in offering personalised services and support to ensure better engagement.
  • Give a competitive edge
Fastest means of communication, workforce collaboration, access to all information in real time, automation of redundant works etc. these all contributes towards high operational efficiency and productivity in the organisations which ultimately provides competitive edge over competitors. The whole process will in turn into high ROI and growth of business.
So, implementation of AI, can streamline the workflows that gives clarity about what to do, how to do and ensures coordination. Effective workflows result into completion of work as per deadline or before the time as well and provide opportunity to become first mover advantage.

Source: HOB