IoT Can Improve the Customer Experience

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 21, 2018 | 7062 Views

IoT has a big role to play in customer experience by enhancing communication, reducing wait times and gaining greater insights. The rise in number of connected devices and their involvement in the daily lives of consumers provide unlimited possibilities of marketers to increase the customer experience. We are already a part of hundreds and thousands of devices that part of our daily lives like smart watches, cars, refrigerators and light bulbs in our homes. These connected devices are called as Internet of Things (IoT).

Relationship between Marketing and IoT:
The main aim of marketing is to know about the consumer behavior and needs to address their requirement by creating relevant value.  Future IoT-enabled devices have ability to permit marketers to eliminate all the errors by innovative ways to understand and influence customer activities, behavior and their buying trends. Brands can also gain the reach and popularity of the IoT devices to ensure customers are engaged, loyal and their buying pattern by improving the following experience:

  1. Keep the customer updated.
  2. Listen the voice of the customer.
  3. Form an orderly queue
  4. Think wearables for contextual information. 
Understand with the help of examples that how the IoT devices facilitate the lives of marketers and the consumers. Following are the three stages:
  • Devices as media.
  • Devices as service.
  • Devices connected to each other. 
In the marketing communication, it is necessary to give right and the relevant messages to the customers. Like an LCD screen we found in malls this vending machine is used to display the commercials that brings out the attention of the customers very fast. But at the same time the commercials are keep on changing according to the weather like in hot days it displays iced coke and in cool days they used to display the advertisement of fresh coffee. So at the right point of time the right advertisement should be displayed. 

When we consider IoT devices as a service, let's take an example of IoT devices as a services in predictive maintenance where a smart devices connected to car operating system can forecast when car and its part need maintenance and alert you before the functioning of any parts of the car fails. Sometimes you may receive a call for car service appointment as well. it offers proactive approach to maintenance

Devices connected to each other or multi-connected devices offer greater customer experience. Example with Uber, "Your Ride and Your Music" are two services which the customers are gaining at the same point of time while travelling in the premium ride. Here two different memberships are there (Uber and Music) and two services as well (Car and Mobile) which created the journey of the customer better.

The firms are using IoT to create new products and service offerings and this will help the most to get success. Hence, it proved that IoT has a big role to play in customer experience by enhancing communication, reducing wait times and gaining greater insights.

Source: HOB