Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Speaks on GitHub Acquisition

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 27, 2018 | 14199 Views

Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5B and this is a big deal particularly in Microsoft traditional approach to developers. GitHub is the world's leading software development platform and its customers are Hulu, PayPal, slack, Etsy, airbnb, GroupOn, Twitch Mailchimp, Coinbase and Braintree and many more. 

Satya Nadella says that every business is a software business it's a digital business whether its precision medicine or precision agriculture personalized educational personalized banking. He's being built by developers. In fact there's a piece of data from LinkedIn which says that a non tech hiring of software development is growing steadily at double digit 25 percent greater than software engineer growth in. So that speaks to the workload that's going to be there going forward from a secular basis. Developers are going to be required everywhere. It's kind of like what maybe in the early 90s was a cube knowledge worker's with tools and services or what it was even in the 2000s to build sassed services for sales professionals developers SAS is going to be the center of the digital economy and that's the real strategic rationale for it. It's a secular growth market. And Microsoft has heritage. 
We want to develop tool Company first and now of course we are all lean on open source and that's what really brings us together with good Hob. And we're going to operate it as an open platform for any language any framework any platform whether it's the cloud or on the client and really serve the developers with a SAS service that everyone requires just like we do for knowledge workers with Office 365 business applications with dynamics.

So how quickly are you guys Microsoft and the leadership that you're putting in place going to be able to make visible changes to get hub improvements that might bolster developers confidence in what you're going to do with the platform because rivals including lab are already trying to take advantage of this acquisition and get developers to export their projects from good hub into get lab of their tool that shows those imports is down is getting so much traffic. How quickly you're going to be able to show how Microsoft is going to run this in a way that's going to perhaps make developers happy. Yeah no I mean it's the most important thing. The community asset like good hobby is to stay true to the core ethos of developer first that get help is always high on that. Friedman who's going to be the CEO post close came to Microsoft from Xamarin. He's someone who's a veteran of open sourcing. He's going to lead the company. Chris slews the CEO of a good job and I discussed a lot about the fundamental ethos of the company going forward will remain the same real operated independently. It will be an open platform. And I think most developers out there will judges by our recent actions and our actions going forward and we will have to earn the trust every day. And so we're very committed to it but we're excited because Microsoft at the core which is coming with the developer tool company. This earns the trust of the customers by actions every day we live by. 

Nadella says that our focus is not on our data to keep safe but on the customer's data and enterprise's data to keep safe and secure and use the data after the permission of the user as we are just the custodians of data. This is the core principle of Miscrosoft and that's how the core talent what we do with our cloud services and our client's platforms. 

Other companies have different business models and values for them but we "Microsoft" focus how to earn the customers trust every day. Hence trust is everything for us whether it is our cloud services, tools and our client platforms. We basically looks for that what are the growth opportunities and we also want to position ourselves so that we can also contribute something unique to the market. Being the developer company from the very first we have confidence that we can ring real value to the developer community. 

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