How is AI helping email marketing companies

By arvind |Email | Aug 22, 2018 | 9399 Views

Those daily commercial messages you get via mail is amongst the few constant things in your life. Maybe it is just me. Being one of the highest ROI channel is one of the reasons why you get so many advertisements, business request through your mail. E-mail marketing provides companies using them the luxury of gathering the information about the behaviour of the recipients. The companies the valuable insights from the consumers response to these marketing emails, it helps the company study the consumer behaviour even better. But AI could help it in taking the next step.     
According to a report "use of AI to personalize the messages has boosted the click through rate by an average of 14%." Another aspect of introducing AI to email marketing is that the companies can now safeguard if the right message has reached the right customer at the right time, so much right for what an open rate of around 21% which is actually respectable. AI can help email marketers improve what they are working to improve more promotions, right content and the right times. When it comes to AI and what is does to email marketing better than humans is that it learns from the previous behaviour and constantly improves using them.

Use of AI in email marketing

Subject lines: Would you read an article with a lame headline that is what a subject line is to email marketing. "First impression is the last impression", a subject line is the first thing you see when you receive one of these mails. No matter how great the content is, subject line is most of the times the real deal for the campaign. AI can come in as a great help and can write down brilliant subject lines that are brand compliant. AI is learning from the past behaviours of the humans which can help it in identifying the words that stand out and clicked most or attract the peoples

Email content: A consumer will only read what written inside a mail is the information written it of any good to the consumer. When it comes to what engages a consumer? Lively body copy is no no-sense hit and doesn't wastes consumers time, using the right font in an engaging fashion. The benefits of using AI in content can be very beneficial. One of the most important things for a brand is that it has its own identity, Ai can find a writing style or a way of writing mail content that is true to the brand image. One of the skills is using language which is not considered as a spam or too promotional as this is likely to engage better with customers.

Sending time: It has been mentioned in this article too on numerous occasions the importance of timing when it comes to these marketing mails. AI can just time them perfectly for the consumers to red them. AI is being used to target the people at the right time across various media be it pcs, cell phones or tablets. If you can access internet on something AI is send you the right message at the right time straight.  One of the benefits of having AI in the email marketing is it can just gather information of when the consumer is most like to be open the mails. 

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