Your AI maybe facing depression soon

By arvind |Email | Aug 30, 2018 | 4299 Views

When it comes to depression it is familiar but a serious disorder relating to sadness, loss of interest in things. Depression is cause the person suffering from depression a lot of harm, maybe not physically but mentally.

But how can a machine intelligence get depressed, aren't they supposed to have no emotions. They kind of are but some scientists have said that there is always a possibility of machine mimicking human emotions over time, so it might get depressed too.

AI is already making the industries think of ways they can use it to gain the competitive edge. Companies are investing their time, money and resources in the machine intelligence on a large scale. There is no shying away from the subject that AI will change industries in more ways than computers did when it was introduced. With so many use of AI in different industries their might be some AI that breaks under pressure and fall in depression slowly. To be clear you should not makes jokes on depression until the one related to depression is a machine or AI.

Machines can be emotional but how?

In a conference held in New York, Zachary Mainen a neuroscientist theorized that computers could be expected to face mental problems just like humans. He further said that this is only possible when machine level up with humans on the intellectual bar. 

In another theory by some scientists- they believe that introducing a hormone like system in AI machines can add common sense and the ability to think like humans. Scientists have gone on record and even said that machines are likely to face depression slightly more as compared to the other emotions. So much for being machine intelligence you can't escape the maze of depression.

AI may get depressed

Scientist has found something like serotonin a component found in the brains that could be the reason for depression in machines. Serotonin gives machines the same experience that depression gives to human beings. Scientist say depression in machines would not be the same as humans, while depression in humans is purely emotional, in machines it could be something like inability to perform certain tasks. I made the joke on that already. Hope you laughed.

According to Zachary Mainen," we feel depressed in situations which we haven't dealt with before". He further explained this with an example, "a person who has sustained a major injury that is unable to cope up with the new acquired disability will experience depression due to a sense of physical impairment. Machines are expected to exhibit the same behaviour when they face a challenge or a task that they cannot tackle."

Computational analysis and neurosciences have been compared by scientists. They came to a conclusion that hormones in human beings resemble the control knobs in AI. These knob is present in machines that controls their learning rate.


Source: HOB