What are Big Data's big impact on Social Media Marketing?

By arvind |Email | Oct 8, 2018 | 12756 Views

Not a single day goes by when people don't look at their social media accounts or go on the internet there is nothing new or weird about spending most of your time scrolling down the pages of this virtual world. The use of internet has sure increased in the last couple of years, from one person in a locality to having it to four internet connections in a house or maybe more. Internet is something that is a become part of our daily routine after waking up, before going to sleep, before eating, before pooping you get it after and before everything; almost. Social media which was once a platform to, socialize and meat other people has now become a platform which is used by businesses to target their audience. There has been a rise of big data which has had impacts on social media taking it to all new levels. According to a survey by the year 2020 the collective volume of big data might reach close to 44 trillion gigabytes or maybe surpass it - it will sure surpass it. There is plenty of data that is available to the marketing world, which they are using to get actionable acumen for framing efficient social media marketing strategies.
Everything you do on the internet is a source of information about you right from your status, your likes and dislikes, the photos you upload the videos you upload and other things. All these accumulate to help marketers to know about your demographics, what you like and what you don't. Marketing companies are using this information to their full benefit and in 'n' number of ways all to get the necessary competitive edge on the others competition. Marketers are able to plan for the future because of the use of big data. Big data is able to tell the marketer about the possible customers and how the company can approach them. 

In this post you will come across the various ways big data is transforming social media marketing and what its future holds.

Big data enables personalization allowing brands to approach their customers in a more personalized way based on their choices and likes. It gives an in-depth insights and a holistic understanding of the audience, which helps businesses in creating tailored communication for them to improve retention and increase their trust. With big data, it will become easier for brands to display only those advertisements which interest consumers, turning ads into a non-obtrusive experience. Advertisements will be targeted based on users' social media posts, what they watch and share, etc. With personalized ads, it will be possible for marketers to strengthen their relationships with social media users and convert them into customers after identifying the most effective platform, time and format for their ads.

Decision making
Big data allows marketers to identify social media trends and gain awareness, which can be used to make engagement decisions like which users to communicate with, which group of users should receive marketing emails, etc. It also makes it easier to keep track of the demographics to decide which social media platform to target. Businesses can easily understand the sentiments of the market through big data, enabling them to build winning strategies. Instead of relying solely on past performance to ascertain what improvements are required, big data aids in making informed decisions to better meet the future needs and expectations of consumers.

If the campaign is effective
Big data is useful in tracking the performance of social media campaigns and finding out the gradual changes in ROI. It also allows marketers to test their campaigns before launching it, analyze the results, make changes in the campaign as required, and retest it. Predictive analytical tools enable businesses to take decision regarding when to stop the campaign to avoid losses. By deriving actionable insights from big data, businesses get an idea about the peak timings of customers, their preferences, behaviour, etc., leading to increased effectiveness of the social media campaign. Marketers can get important information about the process their clients took right from the first stage of the buying cycle to post-purchase interaction, making them fine tune the campaign at every stage of the cycle.

Insights about the product
Social media marketers can effectively use big data to judge future buying patterns and trends. Big data increases the certainty regarding what consumers want, when they want it, and how they want it. This gives businesses insights into what their new products should be like. Businesses can utilize big data to analyze the choices of people, their complaints, what products are missing, faults in the products, etc. This will enable them to make changes in the current product and come out with new innovative products.

Source: HOB