How Natural Language Processing Powered Education?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Dec 17, 2018 | 9030 Views

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a hot research area in artificial intelligence and computer science. The technology teaches machines to understand human language so they can more effectively communicate with us. NLP research is integrated with linguistics, context analysis, and semantics.

Here we tend to specialize in however informatics and sensible voice interactive interfaces are being applied within the field of early education that involves learning, eg. language study, math, etc; and providing healthy society to create smart habits and social skills.

Knowledge and Skills Education
Today's NLP-powered early education merchandise principally specializes in question responsive and language study. Drawing on their encyclopedic databases, question responsive (QA) systems will mechanically answer queries exhibit by humans in language. Roobo's cute Pudding automaton is one in every of the foremost common children QA devices. to create the system, Roobo developed multiple vertical domains, with every handling a selected topic space.

Language study is additionally necessary for early education, particularly for kids aged between 3 and 6, or those whose oldsters might not forever have enough time to speak with them. Machines power-driven by informatics technology are able to interact kids in conversations that are rational and kid acceptable, that helps them observe and develop each speaking and listening skills. Turing Robot's NLP-powered DuoDuo, as an example, focuses on teaching kids Chinese and English.

Innovations in Early Education
Artificial intelligence-related merchandise like sensible toys and chatbots have brought several changes to childrenâ??s education and amusement. Natural voice interaction enabled by informatics technology, specifically, has driven a spread of innovative approaches to education.

Kids can forever watch cartoons and browse storybooks. However, with the assistance of informatics technology, these passive experiences will be created a lot of action through interactive image books, that modify kids, as an example, to own conversations with characters among the story and see new content in and aboard the plot line. The Bani automaton from 360 technology is one in every of the foremost common merchandise during this field: an automaton that comes with a spread of interactive stories that the automaton will scan to kids whereas displaying connected info and pictures on its screen.

NLP technology is additionally being applied to on-demand transmission content. as an example, a large number of children education-related media resources will be collected and exploitation easy voice commands, kids will look for and choose the content of interest at any time. These merchandises are styled to be child-friendly not solely with relevance content however conjointly in their dialogue flow design and text to speech (TTS) technology. Amazon recently launched Associate in Nursing Echo Dot children edition of its industry-leading sensible speaker Alexa Echo, that options a large number of materials for youths.

Behavior and Habits
Training kids good behavior and habits, for example, to follow a regular routine, present a pleasant personality, maintain an interest in studying and so on is also important in early education. NLP technology and intelligent machines can help tackle this task, and a number of companies are already exploring opportunities in this market.

Recent improvements in NLP technology have produced advanced dialogue systems for today's cutting-edge smart toys, which are able to push messages and initiate conversation scenarios. The DoDo robot from, for example, will remind children to brush their teeth, do their homework, and let them know when itâ??s bedtime all via natural conversational dialogue. The device also encourages children to practice positive social behavior, such as speaking politely and treating people with proper respect.

Another hot topic in early education these days is children machine quotient (MQ) a gauge of their ability to familiarize themselves with machines for natural interactions. It's believed that MQ is going to become one of the most essential skills for humans of any age in a future full of intelligent machines. Hence, it is necessary to cultivate MQ in kids from an early age. One of the most popular children MQ development products on the market are Anki's Cozmo.
NLP is playing an increasing role in our everyday lives and is being widely explored and deployed in the field of early education. Parents appreciate how smart devices can help their children early development; while for their part, younger users tend to have higher fault tolerance for new technology than adults.

NLP technology can be expected to continue to empower early education, particularly in skills and language learning, habit and behavior training, and in conjunction with multimedia resources.

Source: HOB