Learning outcomes are improved through mobile devices in classrooms. Is it true?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 19, 2018 | 7968 Views

Devices are serving people with the tools for teaching which is becoming very usual for the education system in classrooms in America. It is used from the primary to the graduate classes. The entire task is being developed with the technology and even the lesson plans are building online by the teachers. They embrace in the policies where they have to get their own devices and leading the push for every student for an iPad. Is this new technology help to grab the attention of the student? YES. The educational impact of internet technology in the classroom is increasing rapidly. Here are some benefits of mobile technology:
  • A huge number of teachers is using mobile technology in their classrooms, be it their own instruction or for completing the assignments teachers allow students. 
  • The teachers who are teaching English make use of this mobile technology more as compared to the maths teacher. 
  • For becoming academically successful, students definitely need digital literacy courses which will let them think beyond as said by many teachers.
Recently, there are studies which followed graders who used tablets for the class learning as well and the experience of learning has been improved widely at home as well. The number of students agrees upon the classes which use technology as it makes them involved in the lectures and few say that they should have instructors who teach lessons using games which are educational.  The huge number of students says that mobile devices are more effective in classrooms. The task is completed spontaneously, mistakes are corrected in real-time and the most effective part it makes the learning more excited. 

There are several new challenges for students through mobile devices. The most leading benefit of mobile devices is that it allows the work to be done simultaneously to take place. The cost is obviously high as there is a certain amount of price which is associated with the schools purchasing the technology. The idea of bringing your own device to the school may have many problems as there are many students who can't afford or are not privileged with this facility, and there might not be any security. As personal devices do not have many technical policies and it is difficult to implement too than the ones which are owned by schools. The device which is provided by the school can have the programs and applications which is pre-installed and has the option for not allowing any outside play. 

Using the mobile technology in the classroom does not bring advantage in bringing up the attention of the student. So there are technologies which are more sensible for the classrooms:

It helps you to eliminate the issue of outdated content and help you to have updated real-time updates which help the student and teachers to access the information spontaneously. And they do not have to wait for the next year when the new textbook will be released.
Mobile modules for an individual:
Educational applications have the option for logging in individually which helps the student to have privacy and they work according to their time in their areas which is most necessary. 

Cloud learning:
The mobile technology which is merely connected to the cloud helps the student to easily transition from the classroom work to the work at home if they have technological tools with them it is easy for them to access. It helps in improving the organizational skills and also time is saved for the students. Learning from mobile bring up with the differences which are positive and has the potential to increase the knowledge of students and help them to access easily to what they need. 

Every student is benefited through mobile technology as it becomes the easiest medium for them to access the required learning and lessons become more attractive and pleasing for the students.

Source: HOB